Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hub City Blues 9-27-05

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Canned Heat Never get out of this blues alive Friends in the Can
Bonnie Lee Got the Blues bout my baby Wild about that thing
John Hammond Big Black Mariah Wicked Grin
Johnny "Guitar" Watson I want to Ta Ta You Baby The Funk Anthology
Soulive feat. Robert Randolph Crosstown traffic Break Out
North Mississippi Allstars Mean Ol' Wind Died Down Electric Blue Watermelon
Cary Hudson Jelly Roll cool breeze
The Detroit Cobras Ya Ya Ya Baby
Alex Gomez Sticky Icky Metallic Blue Electric
Terry Reid I've Got News For You Superlungs
R.L. Burnside Leave Me and My Woman Alone Raw Electric 1979-80
Moreland & Arbuckle Coal Black Maddie Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse Cluck Old Hen The Great American Yard Sale
Slick Ballinger Brotherhood Slick Ballinger
Chris Cotton Black Night I watched the Devil Die
Tom McFarland Gasoline Blues Travelin With the Blues
Otis Taylor Hookers in the Street Below the Fold
Alvin Youngblood Hart Big Mama's Door (Might Return) Motivational Speaker
Bob Bogdal Workin Out On the Road Underneath the Kudzu
Paul Oscher 32-20 Blues Down in the Delta
Gov't Mule Soulshine The Deep End

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm tired....

...of talking about the weather. I am sick of the words Hurricane(s) and Storm(s). Every aspect of life is now revolving around them. I am just sick of the whole deal.
Still waiting on my FEMA check!

That is why I wa glad to go out on Friday night and jsut have a little fun.
After a really shitty night at work(but really what night at work isn't shitty), I went down to the Thirsty Hippo and saw this kick ass band I had never heard of before called Dixie Dirt. THEY ROCKED!!! But to add to that I got in free, Jess was Bartending, so I know my tips went to a good person, I ran into alot of "cool" people, drank some beer, and met a cute girl. Over all a very good night, indeed.

Still I am tired! I need Sleep! I need.........

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dammit Man!!! Life was just getting back to normal. Now Rita is a Cat.4!

HCB 9-20-05

I know what you are thinking! Its Not Thursday! Why is the HCB post out already. That is easy to explain. I will now be doing my show on Tuesday. Lew the regular Tuesday guy had to switch, so I gave him my spot and I took his. So now you can see what I am playing earlier in the week. I will miss doing my show on Thursday, but I am going thru so many changes right now, one more will hardly effect my life.

Solomon Burke- Make Do With What You Got- I Got The Blues
Ellis Hooks- Godson of Soul- You Changed My Life
Al Green- I Can't Stop- My Problem is You
Tom McFarland- Travelin' with the Blues- Gasoline Blues
Steve Krase & The In Crowd- Easy Livin- Pray For Me
R.L. Burnside- Burnside on Burnside- Goin Down South
Buddy Guy- Sweet Tea- She Got the Devil in Her
Junior Kimbrough- Meet Me in the City- I Feel Alright
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter- The Last Country Store- Leaving 5 Points
Moreland & Arbuckle- Caney Valley Blues- Coal Black Maddie
Mark Lemhouse- The Great American Yard Sale- Cluck Old Hen
Slick Ballinger- Slick Ballinger- Keep On Strugglin'
Maria Muldaur- Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul- She Put me Outdoors Y
Alvin Youngblood Hart- Motivational Speaker- In My Time Of Dying
Bob Bogdal- Underneath the Kudzu- Workin' Out On The Road
Otis Taylor- Below The Fold- Didn't Know Much About Education
Detroit Cobras- Baby- Ya Ya Ya (Looking For My Baby)
Heartless Bastards- Stairs And Elevators- Runnin
The Black Keys- The Big Come Up- I'll Be Your Man
Alex Gomez- Metallic Blue Electric- Sticky Icky
Scott H.Biram- The Dirty Old One Man Band- Someday Baby
Lightnin' Hopkins- Lightnin' and the Blues- Lightnin Boogie
Elmore James- Shake Your Money Maker- Something Inside Me
R. L. Burnside & The Sound Machine- Raw Electric 1979-1980- Leave Me and My Woman Alone (friend of Mine)
Charles Caldwell- Remember Me- Old Buck
North Mississippi Allstars- 51 Phantom- Sugartown

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Favorite Websites

Google Still the best Search Engine on the Web

AllMusic Best Music Resource! Got just about everybody you have ever heard of and alot you haven't

Punk Rock! If it a punk band on the web, here it is

Tweeds Blues If you like Blues (Like Me) this is one great site

Jam Bands For those more hippish moments

Pollstar Want to see a live show?

Garagebands I love this site some much, they provide the soundtrack to my Blog

IMDB Want to find out about a movie or and Actor/Actress

Ain't It Cool Movie News

Newsarama Comic Book News, Run by Kevin Smith No Less

Encyclopedia Something on Everything

Been Caught Stealing.....

Soooooooooo......I am stealing this from another Blog, Say It Like James Cagney. You can find the blog under my links as "4 crazy women". Big thanks to Liz, whom I stole this from. Oh, Yeah, its about me.

Speaking of John, he and I went for sushi the other day, and Ian met us there. John and Ian are a funny pair to get together, because you have Mr Super Intense but Really Cool and Funny John, and then you have Mr Super Laid Back but Really Cool and Funny Ian. And John likes to drink more than anyone I know except Ian (and me) so it was a good time. Caroline, Ian seems to be doing pretty good. He talks and talks about you... It's really sweet.

It was easy meeting them I was having a beer at the bar next door. I am not a big fan of Sushi, so i had noodle soup.
"Mr. Super Laid Back But Really Cool and Funny" Me? Really? I can't ever remember being called Laid Back or Cool before.
Okay I do like to drink, but not as much as I did when I was younger. Anyway, who has the time now. School, Work, Radio, Sleep. I just ain't got that kind of time.
The reason I talk and talk about Caroline is because she connecting link between Liz and Me. Plus she is in Romania and she is pretty cool, but not as cool as me.
Sweet! Me? Really? Nah!!!

So ends my self indulgence with myself for the day.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The origin of the Finger

Do you know where "flipping the bird" came from? Why is showing someone your middle finger an insult?
This is why I love studying history. You from time to time find an interesting tid bit of information that you can share with your friends.
It all goes back to Henry V. He hiring Longbowmen to help him fight the French Knights/Nobles. This longbowmen where so successful in killing the knights that the French started to cut off their middle finger if they capture them. The bowmen used their middle and ring fingers to pull the string on their bow. So if they lost the finger they couldn't fight anymore.
As an act of defience against the French, after a battle the longbowmen would wave their middle finger at the French.
And we have the origin of flipping someone off.
It seems logical that this started in France for some reason.
Now I just got to figure out why it is called "Flipping the Bird"?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Hub City Blues 9-15-05

Artist- Album- Title
R.L. Burnside- First Recordings- Jumper on the Line
R.L. Burnside- Mr. Wizard- Rollin' & Tumblin'
R.L. Burnside- A Ass Pocket of Whiskey- Shake 'em On Down
R.L. Burnside- Burnside on Burnside- Goin Down South
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown- The Man- Someday My Luck Will Change
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown- American Music,Texas Style- Rock My Blues Away
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown- Timeless- Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Little Milton- Greatest Hits- The Blues Is Alright
Grayson Capps- If You Knew My Mind- I Can't Hear You
Johnny Guitar Watson- The Funk Anthology- I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby
Slim Harpo- The Excello Single Anthology- I'm a King Bee
Fred McDowell- Blues With A Message- Levee Camp Blues
Alvin Youngblood Hart- Motivational Speaker- In My Time Of Dying
Otis Taylor- Below The Fold- Went To Hermes
Bob Bogdal- Underneath the Kudzu- Workin' Out On The Road
Hillstomp- One Word- Flood Blues
Detroit Cobras- Baby- Ya Ya Ya (Looking For My Baby)
The Bel Airs- Got Love- Wild About You Baby
The Morells- Think About It- She's Gone
Rose City Kings- Holler Out For More- Reckless Sinner
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter- The Last Country Store- Leaving 5 Points
Richard Johnston- Official Bootleg #1- Do The Romp
Rod Piazza- Modern Masters 1968-2003- Blues for Honey

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Reflections on a Tragedy

Well here it is again, 9-11. Its seems like it has been so long since that Tuesday morning. 9-11 will be my generations Pearl Harbor or JFK assassication. I think everyone will remember what they were doing when they heard or saw it. I was working in Tennessee at the time.
Me and Philip where driving spikes into Rail Road ties. Wendy called down from the kitchen telling us a plane just flew into the World Trade Center. Philip and I didn't know how to react so we put our tools down and walked up the hill to the kitchen. We got the TV working just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower. It was horrible!
I can remember a few days later being really mad and getting into fights with the quieter/hippie member of my team. I was outraged and I want people to know it. I reallies now that I just wanted revenge. Still time and distance have proven those quiet member of my team right. We are now in a war no one really wants and we still have not brought the leadership of Al Qaeda to justice. We have compounded tragedy with another tragedy, that of war that is killing many more.
As I write all this outside my is another disaster. Katrina probably, when all is said and done have killed just about as many if not more than 9-11. But what makes 9-11 so much worse is the fact that another human being plotted and carried it out.
It is impossible to be mad at a storm. You might as well be mad that the sun shines
We will never forget, but maybe we should start learning to forgive. Its the Christian thing to do.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Glad thats Done/ First Night Back On The Scene

Well I have finally finished moving into my new apartment/house.
What is funny is I just realized that I don't know the address. I know where the house is but I don't know how to get mail to it. I am proud of my new moving recorded. Tuesday I was looking for a place to live and I finished moving in on Thursday. Three Days!!! Hopefully when I next move it will be into where I plan to stay for awhile. The only draw back is I am burned out. I was lying on my bed just one hour ago and I really could get up. My body just won't move. I finally did get up, okay I rolled off the bed but I landed on my feet, to go to bathroom. Glad I did because it would have been messy otherwise.

Well last night was the my first night in my new place and the first night that the city lifted the curfew. So everybody and I mean everybody went out. I don't know if all the bars in this town have reopened but the End Zone was packed. People on top of People packed. I of course knew alot of folks there. Somewhere even more drunk than I was(I was drink whiskey and coke and watching the Blues Brothers).
But it was insane. how many people fit into that little bar. I know some of the other bars in town where not open, but jeez!!! I guess everyone just want to go out and blow off steam after the events of the last week. Thats what I did. I woke this morning paying for it, but it was what I need to do.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Moving Out and Moving On

Well I have found a new place to live and I am almost done moving in.
I am now the proud renter of a shotgun duplex on north 31st Ave. Its perfect for me, old, rough, and has a strange smell, alot like me.
This storm, at least for me, will have positive outcome. I was never happy living with Jerry and Kyle. So now that I have a cheap place by myself I should be happier person. I have to just move my bed, a desk, and my big chair out of the old house.
I did run into two of the guys that partied with Kyle. I got to hear the story of how they didn't think it was going to be a big storm (Then why did you come to Hattiesburg?) and how Kyle was trying to hold parts of the roof up and got a deep cut that needed thirty stitchs. I don't know how destroyed the old house is, but i know it will need a new roof.
I also discovered I am not as unemployed as I thought. Cresent City/Purple Parrot should be open Monday with a limited menu. All of our seafood people are gone.
Hattiesburg as a whole is strange as last time. Place that have power early are dead, the streets you can use, change hour to hour, and the whole city has a weird oder. Not like New Orlean, but a strange decaying smell. Probably all that wood rotting. Plus there is a city wide curfew, all business close at 6pm and everyone is off the street by 7pm. The local bars, the ones that have cold beer and power to keep them cold are running this "happy hour" specials, 2 for 1, $1 draft, half off well drinks, to try to bring people inbetween 5pm and 7pm.

Anyway, on to less(?) depressing news, I have decided to attend R.L. Burnside public funeral in Holly Springs. I am sad to see this icon of my musically world gone. But all the forces of the world have made it where on Saturday I can attend. I don't have work, I got a place to live, I have money for the trip(Thursday is Pay Day!!!) and gas isn't as rare as it was 5 days ago. Lucky I got a car that gets great gas milage and has a good steroe. I think I will definiely get up and go show my respects.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

To The Burg and Back Again

Well I have gone to Hattiesburg, or is that Hades-burg, and return to Jackson.
Its wild!
As I passed over the Okatoma river on Highway 49 the road becames enclosed with debris from falling trees. This gaves a feeling of close quarters as you drive south.
As I arrived in Hattiesburg I was greeted with long lines of cars at the local gas stations trying to get fuel for...whatever. I thought I would wreck a few times as traffic was just going wild, as local cops watched.
I moved on to my street after I navigated the fallen trees and broken power polls. For th second time in a week, I am really glad to have a small car because a bigger car would never have made it. I am greeted by the ghost of my house.
The front part of the house fell apart. The roof both fell in and blew off. How that happened is a mystery to me, but lucky I wasn't there. No roomates where present to tell me. It appears that Kyle and the Partiers fled some time early Tuesday morning and have yet to return. Jerry quickly and quietly has moved out over the last three days.
As I walked around the house I noticed the tree outside my widow, the one I feared would split my house in two, had fallen the other way. Nothing hit the house, it just fell apart under the strain of the storm.
The neighorhood cat lady, who lived right behind my house and I never know, explained to me what happened in your little block and how looters came around during the day to scout out where they would be breaking into that night.
Ah! The land of the lawless!
So I got on my bike and did a little traveling. They don't call it the Pine Belt for nothing. Trees where down everywhere. Power was out in alot of place. But what was strange was some place had power and you would go a few hundred yard and other place didn't. Weird!
I quickly discovered that I am now unemployed as the top half of the restaurent is sitting in the bottom half.
Campus looked pretty good, all thing considered. Trees down, but little structural damage. Maybe I will move into the dorm.
I then hunted up Mik, WUSM General Manager, to see how he was and what he know.
Mik and Chris, his wife, where okay and even gave me boxes to pack up my house.
Mik didn't know much but civilazation was jsut returning to the town, so......
So I returned to the shambles that was where I lived.
It was hard to stay focus because of all the work I had to do, but I managed to get my clothes, my CDs, my guitar (minus my kapo, it was mysteriously missing), and my food out of the house. Hopefully I will get back and get my computer and bike and what little furniture I have down there before they looters get any of it.
I had taken a load of food and ice with me. I gave the ice to my neighbors, most of whom don't speak english, because it has been four day with out power. It was hard to make them understand that I wasn't asking for ice, but trying to give it away.
Still I packed up the honda and head back to Jackson. The whole trip I was planning my next move.
Next Move: Get rest of my shit out of house, find new place to live, put shit in new place to live, get unemployment check, go to school, have fun.
I photographic alot of stuff in the Burg so hopefully in the next day or so I can get pictures up.
Mom says I am taking the destruction of my house well. My feelings on it are that I still have more advantages than disadvantages. So I got no reason to be down.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Goin a little Stir Crazy

So I have gotten a mild case of Cabin Fever. I just can't stand sitting and waiting. I have tried to keep busy by helping out with the relief effort but with a lack of gasoline and the not unknowing about Hattiesburg is driving me a little crazy. Like hanging naked from my invisible tail and acting like a crack monkey, crazy. Inactivity and Worrying are just not what I am about.
If I knew my stuff was all destroyed as least I could start to handle it. Its the not know that is killing me. Sitting at my parents house for six days hasn't helped.
Lucky I am off to the H'burg tomorrow. It should be a right good adventure. From what I have heard on the web and the news the Burg is starting to get up and running again. Good! I don't know what is about to happen but it should make for an interesting report next time I can write.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

R.I.P. R.L. Burnside

This shitty week in Mississippi has just gotten that much worse.
R.L. Burnside has pasted away.
R.L. and Junior Kimbrough are the two guys that got me into to the Blues and now
both of this legends are gone.
I don't even have most of my R.L. music to listen to or my guiatar to
play some for myself. If I had done my show today, I would have done a rock'n, hour long tribute to R.L. But thanks to the storm I can't even do that.
Damn! This might really be the shittiest week ever.
Well, Well, Well,....Here's a cheap beer in his honor.
Rest in Peace R.L. and show them boys in heaven what real punk rock
blues in about.