Thursday, June 30, 2005

HCB 6/30/05

Rooster Blues- Rooster Blues EP- Bare Hand Blues
Scott H.Biram- The Dirty Old One Man Band- Someday Baby
Bob Log III- Log Bomb- Wigglin Room
Marcia Ball- Live! Down the Road- It Hurts to be In Love w/ Angela Strehli
Grace Potter And the Nocturnals- Nothing But The Water- Treat Me Right
Shelby Lynne- Suit Yourself- I Cry Everyday
Olga- Kiss Your Blues Away- Now I Know
Muddy Waters- Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live- She's Nineteen Years Old
Howlin' Wolf- Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog- Midnight Blues
John Hiatt- Master of Disaster- Find You At Last
The Bel Airs- Got Love- Wild About You Baby
The Morells- Think About It- Nadine
Carter Brothers- The Essential- Booze in The Bottle
T-Bone Pruitt & The Rhythm Rockers- WUSMfest 96- Long Distance Call
Blind Willie McTell- Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues- Mama'Tain't Long Fo' Day
Hound Dog Taylor- Release the Hound-Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
Lightnin' Hopkins- Lightnin' and the Blues- Lightnin Boogie
Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne- Let It Loose- Let Me Go Home Whiskey
Leadbelly- Folkways:The original vision- Midnight special
Guy Davis- Legacy- Come Back Baby
Elmore James- Shake Your Money Maker- Held my baby Last Night
Mississippi John Hurt- 1928 Sessions- Got The Blues, Can't Be
Slick Ballinger- Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter- The Last Country Store- Mama Killed a Chicken
Chris Cotton- I Watched The Devil Die- Black Night
Charles Caldwell- Remember Me- Old Buck
R.L. Burnside- Mr. Wizard- Snake Drive

Some Links

No More Runner

Sad news from one of my favorite indie rock bands. Runner and Thermodynamic is no more.

"Howdy, all. Marc here from Runner. It has been awhile
since web updates and e-mails and that is because I
have put Runner and the T's on an indefinite hiatus.
Internal tensions and constant line-up changes sapped
the group of any positive creative energy, and as
opposed to milking what I felt was an inferior product
(inferior to past performances/recordings), I have
stepped away to work on music in a more positive
atmosphere. Runner is not dead, just undergoing some
much needed creative re-fueling.

In the meantime, our website will contain The Dude, in
its entirity, free for download. We will also be
posting some other great, previously unavailable
Runner tracks - The Light, a regretfully omitted album
track, So This Is Love, recorded this past January at
the Slaughterhouse with Randy Knight (Roger's brother)
on bass, and finally, a very drunken, but very rockin
My Woman, recorded during the Dude sessions. In
addition to these rock gems, there will be pictures
from The Dude recording session, our last TT's
performance, and a few other great batches that have
been sent to us. And finally, a video of our Middle
East /Mike reunion show from this past January.

Currently, I have been writing and recording heaps of
new material which will most likely appear as the next
Runner record. I am very excited about this new music,
but will take the necessary time to make it shine. I
will also be working on an album with an old friend
and song writing partner from my band before Runner -
so look for updates to that as it developes. I will be
playing isolated solo shows when asked, so check out
the dates listed below.

Mike continues his work with Heidi Sapperstein in The
Snowleopards. And continues building Zara/Coda
Studios, which I will be breaking in the first week of

Roger has teamed up with other fellow Runner bassmen,
Randy Knight and Jim Zavadosky, to play a couple of
loose and friendly gigs as Jimmy and the Thrashers. I
don't know if this is a one-time thing or the start of
something, so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks everybody. I'll send out a note when all the
free junk is up on the sight.
Take care,

RUNNER (Marc solo)"

Check'm out and mourn the lose with me

Runner and Thermodynamic

Now that that is over....Moving on

So the Killen trial is over. It ended the only way it could with a broken old man going to jail. Don't get me wrong I got no empathy for the guy. He did kill three teenagers. What is truely wrong was everyone, and I mean everyone, has known this for close to four decades. Plus, everyone knows he didn't act alone. I don't know if the guys from the 67 civil right trial are still alive, but....
What is really sad is Killen himself. A few more weeks and he probably be dead. Sometimes I just wish that, that generation would hurry up and die so we can move past this. I am all for Justice and I am glad men like Killen and Byron De La Beckwith are caught and foung guilty. But sometime it just seems like it is opening old wounds.
I remember when the Beckwith trial was coming to a head, my mother, a Jackson Public School art teacher was given a notice on what to do if Beckwith was found innocent and a riot broke out. I was told by my mom to grab my sister, forcable if need be, and get home. I was told, "You know where the guns are. You remember how to shoot?"
No lie, those words come out of my mother's mouth. Of course this was just a year or so after the LA riots so can you really blame her.Luckily Beckwith was guilty and was found guilty for all the good it did. Old koot just up and died.
Hopefully Killen will too. Like the good book says in Deuteronomy 1:17 "Judgement is Gods".
I think these trials are as much a PR event for Mississippi was a quest for justice.
True Justice would have been if all this trials happened in 1960s and this men rotted in Jail for forty years.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

HCB 6-23-05

Artist - Album - Song

Black Keys- Rubber Factory- Grown So Ugly
Mr. Airplane Man- Mr Airplane Man- Jesus On The Mainline
Soledad Brothers- Voice of Treason- Sight Unseen
Heartless Bastards- Stairs And Elevators- Runnin
Guy Davis- Legacy- Come Back Baby
Muddy Waters- Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues- I Be's Troubled
Grayson Capps- If You Knew My Mind- How's I To Know
Scott H.Biram- The Dirty Old One Man Band- Someday Baby
Canned Heat- Friends in the Can- Never get out of these blues alive
Chris Cotton- I Watched The Devil Die- Black Night
Elmore James- Shake Your Money Maker- Something Inside Me
Albert King- Blues Masters- Cold Feet
Leadbelly- Folkways:The original vision-In the Pines
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society- Stop and Let The Devil Ride- Dope Sniffing Dog
James Mathus- Knockdown South- Rolling Like A Log
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society- Stop and Let The Devil Ride- Cheep Champagne
Little Milton- Think of Me- Second Hand Love
Eugene Hideaway Bridges- Coming Home- Coming Home
Duwayne Burnside- Under Pressure- Treatin' Me So Bad
Ry Cooder- Crossroads Soundtrack- Crossroads
Bobby Patterson- Soul of A Man- How Do You Spell Love?
Carter Brothers- The Essential- Booze in The Bottle
Heartless Bastards- Stairs And Elevators- The Will Song
North Mississippi Allstars- 4 song college EP- Crying
Slick Ballinger- Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood

Its Andy on the Late Show

This is Andy Livingston! I knew him in Jackson a few years back. I even attended his wedding to Erica aka "Red"! He is now playing bass for Mike Doughty.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins


Not that I expected it not to be, but....WoW!
Understand that when i say that I mean that it was an excellent movie. It wasn't just a good Batman movie or a good super hero movie, but a good movie.
If Batman where in no way apart of this movie it would have still been excellent. But lucky for us, this was the story of Batman.If Batman where a real person this is who and how he would have to be. I really liked the back story, his fear of bats, his parents murder, his reaction to the Mob Boss ,his training with the League ofAssas....I mean Shadow. It was great and then his putting together the Bat Suit. Everything had a function. Cape, Cowl, gauntlets, even the ears, it all served a real world function.
While Ra's and Scarecrow both are in this movie, it is Batman's movie. No being upstaged by his villians. Although the twist with Ra's was pretty cool.Everyone in the movie seem to take it pretty seriously and gave fine preformance. Bale is a young Bruce Wayne in my mind from now on. Micheal Cane, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Gary Oldman all deliever good performances. Katie Holmes is definitely the weakest performance and she does a good job too. At least she was easy to look at.
Lastly, Gotham itself it really good. It looks like a real city. This may sound weird till you go back and look at the cityscapes in the last four movies. Using Chicago was a good move that helps add another level of realism to the film.Nolan has made in my opinion the best Super hero movie ever and maybe one of the best movies of the year.
I can only hope Brian Singer's Superman movie next year is this good.

While I am letting my inner comic book geek run wild, or as wild as inner comic book geeks run, you all should check out Frank Miller's
Sin City

It was so good they plan you make a sequel for next year using my favorite story "A Dame to Kill For"!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

This Week

I am no great fan of rap music, I got nothing against it but....
This is just proof that rap is running out of things to say. There is this new rapper named Mike Jones. In all of his songs he just says his name "Mike Jones" and his phone number over and over again.
Is this what we have come to. Next we well have people singing the phone book.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

HCB 6-16-05

Taj Mahal- Best of....- She Caught the Katy, Left me a mule to ride
Son House- Revisited- Death Letter
Mississippi Fred McDowell- The Best Of- Shake 'Em On Down
Chris Thomas King- The Roots- John Law Burned Down the Liquor Sto'
Freddie King- 1934-1976- Sweet Home Chicago
Albert King- Blues Masters- I'll Play the Blues for you 1&2
B.B.King- Black Jack:21 Essential Classics- Catfish Blues
Lee Boys- Say Yes!- Tribute To Calvin Cooke
Al Green- Everything's OK- Be My Baby
Bobby Patterson- Soul of A Man- How Do You Spell Love?
Carter Brothers- The Essential- Booze in The Bottle
Eddie Turner- Rise- The River
Buckwheat Zydeco- Jackpot!- Buck's Going Downtown
Corey Harris- Daily Bread- More Precious Than Gold
Sam Lay Blues Band- Rush Hour Blues- Pure Grain Alcohol
Sister Rosetta Tharpe- The Gospel Of The blues- Shout Sister Shout
Robert Lockwood Jr. -The Legend Live- She's Little and She's Low
Junior Kimbrough- All Night Long- You Better Run
Richard Johnston- Foot Hill Stomp- Catfish Blues/I feel good Little girl
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter -The Last Country Store -The Last Country Store
Slick Ballinger- Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood
Chris Cotton- I Watched The Devil Die- Black Night
Leadbelly- Folkways:The original vision- In the Pines
MuddyWaters- Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues- I Be's Troubled
John Scofield- That's What I Say- Night Time Is The Right Time

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hurricane....well almost

Well the first storm of the season is here and it is headed this way. Arlene isn't a full blown Hurricane,but she is close enough for me.
I woke this morning to a massive leg cramp and trees banging against my window. This reminded me of two things, cheap beer is cheap for a reason and I had to go to the store. So I went and put a full tank of gas in the Car, went to the grocery store to buy non parishable goods, went to buy a twelve pack of beer, and came home to charge my cell phone. This is pretty standard. I lucked out at the pumps and didn't have to wait, but it was a mad house. There was a good number of people at the grocery store, but nothing more than is probably there on a Saturday morning. And noboby was at the Jr. Quick Stop where I buy beer, go figure. This being a pretty small storm nobody is really freaking out. Not like last fall.....when Ivan blew threw.
Now that was a pretty big and badass storm. I live 80 miles inland and we got 70-80 mph wind and alot of rain. People cleaned both Wal-Marts and every grocery store in town out. I went to buy a loaf of bread, because if you lose power bread doesn't good bad, But they where out. I just asked a lady working there how long they had been out. She laughed and said "For two day!" Can you imagine Wla-Mart not having bread for two days. Luckily, I have been baking bread for awhile and so I bought yeast and flour and went home to bake my own. Good Stuff! You can see Highway 49 from the Wal-Mart parking lot and all you could see was bumper and bumper cars and trucks all going North. If an empty Wal-Mart didn't convince me, that did, this storm was going to be bad. I spent the last few hour before the storm arrived driving around in my friends truck, just going from house to house to see if everyone was alright, needed anything, or have a place to stay. Most people where just having Hurricane parties. Only in the deep south, can people take an oncoming natural disaster and throw a party. I wonder what the Party will be like whent he Apocolips comes? "The Apocolips Party!!! Join Us for the End of the World!!!!" LOL!
Anyway, I rode that storm out safe and sound in my bed. We didn't even lose power. The storm at the last minute took a more easternly direction, moving it to the other side of Mobile. We just caught the edge of it. There was still alot of clean up, but the nice thing about a Hurricane is after it the skies and clear and blue because it has pushed every other weather facter away.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Video shoot

So I arrive at the radio station to do my show and have an invite to go see a video shot at one of my favorite bar.

Thirsty Hippo

So,Cary Hudson is shooting a video at the Hippo and I got to come in and watch it. Cary, for those who don't know was the Lead Singer and main song writer for Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain was one of the leading bands in the Altera-Country Movement. Y'altera-Country!
Well anyway, after having few beers on the film crew I noticed that there were two types of people at the Hippo that night. There were the regulars. People who just showed up to have fun at the Hippo, people in t-shirt, shorts or jeans. Then there where "the pretty people". Not that some of the regulars are not attractive, but these people just showed up in dresses, high heels, slacks and button up shirts, because there would be a camera there.

When the Film crew need people for a shot, the "pretty people" ,who where a definite minority, lined up to be the shot. The rest of us just sat at the bar and tried to stay out of the shot. What must have really made some of those "pretty girls" mad was when their boyfriends were put off to the side in favor of those of us who look a little more "scruffy". I guess we looked more like Cary Hudson fans. LOL! If you see a video for Cary Hudson that looks like I was shot in a hole in the wall bar, look for a Scruffy looking blonde guy with a beard and wearing a Rolling Stone t-shirt, thats me.
Anyway, in this day and age when people seem to chases fame like it was some type of prize, it is nice to know that some people don't care about that type of thing. That is one of the reason I really enjoy living in H'burg

Well Today I am off the work. God only knows what those Rich folks would do if they had to cook their own food. Then I am off to see Seth Libby. Anyone from V'burg or Jack town, Yes!, that Seth Libby. The crazy little monkey man.
By the way, Reid, Jess, says "hi"

HCB 6-9-05

Hub City Blues
Artist - Album - Song
Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea - She got the Devil in Her
Charles Caldwell - Remember Me - Old Buck
R.L. Burnside - Burnside on Burnside - Goin Down South No
Buckwheat Zydeco - Jackpot! - Buck's Going Downtown
Love Dogs - Live and on Fire - Knocked Out
Roy Carrier&The Nightrockers - Living Legend - She Burnt The Bacon
Eugene Hideaway Bridges - Coming Home - Coming Home
Duwayne Burnside - Under Pressure - Treatin' Me So Bad
Eddie Turner - Rise - The River
The Lee Boys - Say Yes! - Tribute To Calvin Cooke
Albert Collins - The Iceman at Mount Fuji - Honey Hush
Albert King - Talkin Blues - I'll Play the Blues for you
Cary Hudson Electric Trio - Live in Wredenhagen - Go Away Devil
Cary Hudson - The Phoenix - Bend With the Wind
Cary Hudson - Cool Breeze - Jelly Roll
John Hiatt - Master of Disaster - Find You At Last
Shelby Lynne - Suit Yourself - I Cry Everyday
Grayson Capps - If You Knew My Mind - I Can't Hear You
Michael Powers - Onyx Root - Psychotic Reaction
Slick Ballinger - Slick Ballinger - Keep On Strugglin'
Chris Cotton - I Watched The Devil Die - Blues For Big Bill
Elam McKnight&Keith Carter-The Last Country Store-Ain't Gonna Plow no more
Richard Johnston Foot Hill Stomp That's No Way to Get Along
Bob Log III - Log Bomb - Wigglin Room
Scott H.Biram - The Dirty Old One Man Band - Someday Baby
Legendary Shack Shakers - Cockadoodledon't - Shake your Hips

Monday, June 06, 2005

What ya listen to?

I like music. Its a pretty simply fact. I listen to music all the time, even if it is just in my head. I play a small number of instrument, but all badly. I am even listed with the FCC as a radio DJ, because I am one. There are few experiences better in my life than goin to the Rock Show. It doesn't matter if it is the Legendary Shack Shakers, Widespread Panic, Flogging Molly, Juke Joint Caravan Tour, or Fugazi. It is the experience of going out and rock'n out.
I like music. Music was my sanctuary in my worst years of my life(being a teenager) and has provided a soundtrack to the better moments. Music can take can take you out of a moment or take you back to it. Every time I hear that Staind song "Its Been Awhile" I am reminded of Julie in Denver and how she tasted like peaches.
Anyway, I seem to have wandered off my original topic and that is, what are you listening to?
Currently I am listen to
The Heartless Bastards -"Stairs and Elevators"- a great rock trio from the Midwest.

Solomon Burkes - "Make do with what you got"- The King of Rock and Soul. His new ablum and his last ablum have seen this icon return to true form, much like Al Green and his last two albums. It is easy to see why he was a mentor to the Rolling Stones.

Soledad Brother - "Solodad Brother" - Their first ablum and still there best. While their other three are good, expectional "Voices of treason" There is something about the rawest of this ablum that makes if great fun to listen to. They sound like a cross between Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Brian Setzer

Mars Volta -"Frances the Mute" - the possible heirs to Pink Floyds acid rock. This is one of those ablum you can just space out to, but will keep you listening. In alot of way it reminds be of "Dark Side of the Moon" but it isn't an attempt to recreate it.

Drive By Truckers - Anything - The heart of new southern rock. All their ablum are great.

so what are you people listen to?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Its Hot!!!!!

ITS HOT!!!!!

That should be no great shock to me. I do live in South Mississippi, it is June, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. But, Damn it is hot! In all my travels I have never found heat to be the issue that it is in Mississippi. Sure other place are hot and dry and people die from it, but Heat is almost a religion here. People change there whole lives or at least how they live them because of the heat. You got to get up early to do things outside, or wait till the Sun is setting. The smart southern, if they can, gets up early and does anything they need to do outside before 9 am. After that you are going ot fried. Like, chicken in hot grease. You should spend the rest of you day hiding from the sun. I personally like to turn the AC on, lay out in bed and read a book with a cold beer and some music (nothing to loud) to help add to the experience. Some time around 4pm it is safe to start coming out of your foxhole or where ever you have choose to hide. This is about when it starts to cool off. Night time is the best time ( almost sounds like a song don't it) because you can literally feel the place you are in get cooler and that just makes going out in the Summer Night Life that much "Cooler".
Still it is Hot as Hell and it is relatively early in the Summer.
I notice I never worried about the heat when I was young. I could play all day in the hottest parts of the Summer and I always seemed fine. I wonder if children have some mysterious/mystical way to process heat into energy. And as people grow old they loss it. Probably around puberity or something. We should do test, yes that is it, lots of test on children to see how they process heat into power. If would be the infinite new fuel source all those Hippie kids are always crying about.
Hey did I mention it is Hot as Hell!.....guess so.

Hub City Blues 6/2/05

On Thursdays I do a Blues Show at the local college radio station called Hub City Blues (HCB)
Today I played,

Artist -Album- Title
Chris Cotton- I Watched The Devil Die- Blues For Big Bill
Slick Ballinger- Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood
Michael Powers- Onyx Root- Psychotic Reaction
Robert Randolph- Live at the Wet lands -Ted's Jam
Lee Boys -Say Yes!- Tribute To Calvin Cooke
The Campbell Brothers-Sacred Steel Instrumentals- End of My Journey
Leadbelly- Folkways:The original vision -In the Pines
Guy Davis- Legacy- Come Back Baby
Muddywaters- Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues - I Be's Troubled
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter- The Last Country Store- Leaving 5 Points
Son House-Revisited- Death Letter
Robert Johnson- King Of The Delta Blues Singers- Sweet Home Chicago
Mississippi Fred McDowell- The Best Of- Levee Camp Blues
R.L. Burnside- First Recordings- Jumper on the Line
Duwayne Burnside- Under Pressure- Treatin' Me So Bad
Eugene Hideaway Bridges- Coming Home- Coming Home
Albert Collins- The Iceman at Mount Fuji- Honey Hush
Rooster Blues- Rooster Blues EP- Bare Hand Blues
22-20's- 22-20's- Devil In Me
Heavy Trash- Heavy Trash- Fix These Blues
James Mathus- Knockdown South- Rolling Like A Log
Al Green- Everything's OK- Be My Baby
Bobby Patterson- Soul of A Man- If You Took A Survey
Carter Brothers- The Essential- Booze in The Bottle
Solomon Burke-Make Do With What You Got- I Got The Blues
Buckwheat Zydeco- Jackpot!- Come Back Home Baby
Eddie Turner- Rise- The River

You can listen to the listen to the webcast from the WUSM link on my page.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And so it begins

Well, here it is the web page I have always threatened you people with. Now I can just write anything I want, anytime I want. So get uses to coming here and read about the stupid shit I do, think and say.