Sunday, September 11, 2005

Reflections on a Tragedy

Well here it is again, 9-11. Its seems like it has been so long since that Tuesday morning. 9-11 will be my generations Pearl Harbor or JFK assassication. I think everyone will remember what they were doing when they heard or saw it. I was working in Tennessee at the time.
Me and Philip where driving spikes into Rail Road ties. Wendy called down from the kitchen telling us a plane just flew into the World Trade Center. Philip and I didn't know how to react so we put our tools down and walked up the hill to the kitchen. We got the TV working just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower. It was horrible!
I can remember a few days later being really mad and getting into fights with the quieter/hippie member of my team. I was outraged and I want people to know it. I reallies now that I just wanted revenge. Still time and distance have proven those quiet member of my team right. We are now in a war no one really wants and we still have not brought the leadership of Al Qaeda to justice. We have compounded tragedy with another tragedy, that of war that is killing many more.
As I write all this outside my is another disaster. Katrina probably, when all is said and done have killed just about as many if not more than 9-11. But what makes 9-11 so much worse is the fact that another human being plotted and carried it out.
It is impossible to be mad at a storm. You might as well be mad that the sun shines
We will never forget, but maybe we should start learning to forgive. Its the Christian thing to do.


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