Saturday, September 03, 2005

To The Burg and Back Again

Well I have gone to Hattiesburg, or is that Hades-burg, and return to Jackson.
Its wild!
As I passed over the Okatoma river on Highway 49 the road becames enclosed with debris from falling trees. This gaves a feeling of close quarters as you drive south.
As I arrived in Hattiesburg I was greeted with long lines of cars at the local gas stations trying to get fuel for...whatever. I thought I would wreck a few times as traffic was just going wild, as local cops watched.
I moved on to my street after I navigated the fallen trees and broken power polls. For th second time in a week, I am really glad to have a small car because a bigger car would never have made it. I am greeted by the ghost of my house.
The front part of the house fell apart. The roof both fell in and blew off. How that happened is a mystery to me, but lucky I wasn't there. No roomates where present to tell me. It appears that Kyle and the Partiers fled some time early Tuesday morning and have yet to return. Jerry quickly and quietly has moved out over the last three days.
As I walked around the house I noticed the tree outside my widow, the one I feared would split my house in two, had fallen the other way. Nothing hit the house, it just fell apart under the strain of the storm.
The neighorhood cat lady, who lived right behind my house and I never know, explained to me what happened in your little block and how looters came around during the day to scout out where they would be breaking into that night.
Ah! The land of the lawless!
So I got on my bike and did a little traveling. They don't call it the Pine Belt for nothing. Trees where down everywhere. Power was out in alot of place. But what was strange was some place had power and you would go a few hundred yard and other place didn't. Weird!
I quickly discovered that I am now unemployed as the top half of the restaurent is sitting in the bottom half.
Campus looked pretty good, all thing considered. Trees down, but little structural damage. Maybe I will move into the dorm.
I then hunted up Mik, WUSM General Manager, to see how he was and what he know.
Mik and Chris, his wife, where okay and even gave me boxes to pack up my house.
Mik didn't know much but civilazation was jsut returning to the town, so......
So I returned to the shambles that was where I lived.
It was hard to stay focus because of all the work I had to do, but I managed to get my clothes, my CDs, my guitar (minus my kapo, it was mysteriously missing), and my food out of the house. Hopefully I will get back and get my computer and bike and what little furniture I have down there before they looters get any of it.
I had taken a load of food and ice with me. I gave the ice to my neighbors, most of whom don't speak english, because it has been four day with out power. It was hard to make them understand that I wasn't asking for ice, but trying to give it away.
Still I packed up the honda and head back to Jackson. The whole trip I was planning my next move.
Next Move: Get rest of my shit out of house, find new place to live, put shit in new place to live, get unemployment check, go to school, have fun.
I photographic alot of stuff in the Burg so hopefully in the next day or so I can get pictures up.
Mom says I am taking the destruction of my house well. My feelings on it are that I still have more advantages than disadvantages. So I got no reason to be down.


Blogger disgruntled world citizen said...

R.I.P. R.L Burnside... he died yesterday in Memphis. Play him loud and proud. He's gone, but not forgotten

10:22 PM  
Blogger TC Byrd said...

Oh, Man. I'm sorry to hear that. Let me know if I can help in any way. We got some damage, but the house is livable. Email me if you want.

2:56 AM  

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