Monday, September 19, 2005

The origin of the Finger

Do you know where "flipping the bird" came from? Why is showing someone your middle finger an insult?
This is why I love studying history. You from time to time find an interesting tid bit of information that you can share with your friends.
It all goes back to Henry V. He hiring Longbowmen to help him fight the French Knights/Nobles. This longbowmen where so successful in killing the knights that the French started to cut off their middle finger if they capture them. The bowmen used their middle and ring fingers to pull the string on their bow. So if they lost the finger they couldn't fight anymore.
As an act of defience against the French, after a battle the longbowmen would wave their middle finger at the French.
And we have the origin of flipping someone off.
It seems logical that this started in France for some reason.
Now I just got to figure out why it is called "Flipping the Bird"?


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