Friday, September 09, 2005

Glad thats Done/ First Night Back On The Scene

Well I have finally finished moving into my new apartment/house.
What is funny is I just realized that I don't know the address. I know where the house is but I don't know how to get mail to it. I am proud of my new moving recorded. Tuesday I was looking for a place to live and I finished moving in on Thursday. Three Days!!! Hopefully when I next move it will be into where I plan to stay for awhile. The only draw back is I am burned out. I was lying on my bed just one hour ago and I really could get up. My body just won't move. I finally did get up, okay I rolled off the bed but I landed on my feet, to go to bathroom. Glad I did because it would have been messy otherwise.

Well last night was the my first night in my new place and the first night that the city lifted the curfew. So everybody and I mean everybody went out. I don't know if all the bars in this town have reopened but the End Zone was packed. People on top of People packed. I of course knew alot of folks there. Somewhere even more drunk than I was(I was drink whiskey and coke and watching the Blues Brothers).
But it was insane. how many people fit into that little bar. I know some of the other bars in town where not open, but jeez!!! I guess everyone just want to go out and blow off steam after the events of the last week. Thats what I did. I woke this morning paying for it, but it was what I need to do.


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