Friday, February 23, 2007


When things go good, things really go good!
So of course when things go bad, they go to shit faster than Superman.
Anyway! I have spent alot of money on my car this week.
I got a flat tire(HHHhhhmmm....A Flat Tire[Beer] would be good right now), I need to replace those tires anyway. So I went and bought two new tires. Cost a little under two hundred dollars. I got that in my budget, no big deal. But then.....
I wake up this morning and find my car has been broken into. They busted out a window and stole my radio/CD player. What is worse they did a shitty job of it.
Is it weird that I am criticizing the technic of auto burglary.Probably some crackhead. Well I had to replace the window this morning. Luckey/Unluckey it is my day off and I had time to do that. Glass is a costly thing. One piece of glass cost more than two tires. And I still got to replace the steroe. Hopefully I will get a bonus on this pay check and can get that done.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Few More Movies I am looking Forward to.....

Hell Yeah, I am going to see the Aque Teen Hunger Force Movie! It will be funny and it just might stop a city in it tracks....again!

Yeah! I am going to see the Ninja Turtle Movie.