Friday, May 20, 2011

So, what are you doing for the apocolypse tomorrow

I thought I would get up early and run. Cause you want to look good when you meet your maker. Then make some pancakes, cause they are heavenly.After that I might read me some comic books. Got to luv those comic books. After that may sip on some whiskey and play (badly) on my guitar. Maybe I will be able to see this weeks Doctor Who before the Rapture at 6pm. Is that 6pm GST? EST? CST? HHhhmmm...? If I am not taken in the Rapture, then hopefully I can go meet Nikki Frost and Loot Be-Bop Record Store. Soon after, I should meet Fish for a Crawfish boil and then the ROLLERDERBY!!! After that I will probably just get drunk till I fall asleep.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Newest Member of the Family!

Introducing, Scrappy Williams!(During Football season he will be called Saint Scrappy. Cause he is Black & Gold! A Who Dat Doggie!)

Yeah! I'm a dog owner again. It makes me very happy. I got thank Erin Pearson for helping me get him. It's weird, I have had the dog less than two day and more than one person has point out the similarities between Scrappy and I. Neither Big or Small, Fat nor Skinny. A bit Wild and Cute! Quick but Silly! Lazy but Energetic! Easily distracted but smarter than you think. Yep, it all sounds like me in dog form. Here is to many more year with my new lil buddy, Scrappy Williams!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Acoustic Wednesdays

Blues Monday was two days ago! The Rock n Roll Weekend is days away. So put down your electric and pick up your acoustic.
Mike Ness - Story of My Life

Foo Fighters - Times Like These

Not a fan of this band, but they kill this cover
Paramore - Use Somebody (by Kings of Leon)

This is a song I didn't really like when it come out all those MANY years ago, but now I have come to enjoy
David Gray - Babylon

Scott H Biram - Still Drunk Still Crazy Still Blue