Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just some Random Stuff

I am now a proud financial backer of a brewing company

Community returns on 3/15/12. I'm excited, even though I just discovered the show a few months ago.

As always, I am excited for The Hal & Mal's St. Patrick's Day Parade. I love the parade as a kid and I still love it as an adult. And for the same reason. It is wild fun and anything could happen.

I know to marathon runners and triatholetes this isn't a big deal. But I am really looking forward to running in Mississippi's first Warrior Dash.

In May, I can't wait to see Wilco and The Blind Boys of Alabama here in Jackson.


Happy B.J. & Steak Day!

Also know as Male Valentine's Day!
Sadly, because of Lent, I can't have one of the main part of this day. Guess which one?


Happy Crossed Day

*Seriously, this might be one of the most fucked up things I have ever read! It makes the Walking Dead look like a Sunday School Nursery Rhyme.