Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Moving Out and Moving On

Well I have found a new place to live and I am almost done moving in.
I am now the proud renter of a shotgun duplex on north 31st Ave. Its perfect for me, old, rough, and has a strange smell, alot like me.
This storm, at least for me, will have positive outcome. I was never happy living with Jerry and Kyle. So now that I have a cheap place by myself I should be happier person. I have to just move my bed, a desk, and my big chair out of the old house.
I did run into two of the guys that partied with Kyle. I got to hear the story of how they didn't think it was going to be a big storm (Then why did you come to Hattiesburg?) and how Kyle was trying to hold parts of the roof up and got a deep cut that needed thirty stitchs. I don't know how destroyed the old house is, but i know it will need a new roof.
I also discovered I am not as unemployed as I thought. Cresent City/Purple Parrot should be open Monday with a limited menu. All of our seafood people are gone.
Hattiesburg as a whole is strange as last time. Place that have power early are dead, the streets you can use, change hour to hour, and the whole city has a weird oder. Not like New Orlean, but a strange decaying smell. Probably all that wood rotting. Plus there is a city wide curfew, all business close at 6pm and everyone is off the street by 7pm. The local bars, the ones that have cold beer and power to keep them cold are running this "happy hour" specials, 2 for 1, $1 draft, half off well drinks, to try to bring people inbetween 5pm and 7pm.

Anyway, on to less(?) depressing news, I have decided to attend R.L. Burnside public funeral in Holly Springs. I am sad to see this icon of my musically world gone. But all the forces of the world have made it where on Saturday I can attend. I don't have work, I got a place to live, I have money for the trip(Thursday is Pay Day!!!) and gas isn't as rare as it was 5 days ago. Lucky I got a car that gets great gas milage and has a good steroe. I think I will definiely get up and go show my respects.


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