Thursday, September 01, 2005

R.I.P. R.L. Burnside

This shitty week in Mississippi has just gotten that much worse.
R.L. Burnside has pasted away.
R.L. and Junior Kimbrough are the two guys that got me into to the Blues and now
both of this legends are gone.
I don't even have most of my R.L. music to listen to or my guiatar to
play some for myself. If I had done my show today, I would have done a rock'n, hour long tribute to R.L. But thanks to the storm I can't even do that.
Damn! This might really be the shittiest week ever.
Well, Well, Well,....Here's a cheap beer in his honor.
Rest in Peace R.L. and show them boys in heaven what real punk rock
blues in about.


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