Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Memphis in May Day 1

Day one was a long one. I woke at 6am, loaded the car and hit the road to drop off Saint Scrappy of the Who Dat, and pick up Mary aka Fish aka Sea Kitten. I retrieved the ring from my parents safe and printed out the tickets for the three days of music we had already paid for (come hell or high water of the flooding Mississippi River). So after Fishy picked me up we took off for Memphis in the pouring rain.
The drive up sucked! ALOT!
But some time in the mid afternoon we arrived in M-town. We had to stop off at Mary's Aunts house to deliver/pick up some stuff from Mary's grandmothers (its a long complex story, don't worry about it). We stayed at the Hilton Memphis and I highly recommend it. We checked in, unloaded, had some adult fun time and got ready to go down town. I won't lie, it took us a few wrong turns and missed exit to navigate Memphis for the first day or so. All part of learning a new city. But we finally ended up in the Beale Street area of downtown.
I have always thought of Beale street as the cleaner version of Bourbon Street and after this trip I maintain that feeling. Mary & I choose to eat, what else BBQ. We hit up the famous Rendezvous for some dry rub pork ribs and ghost river beer. The interesting part of eating there was that the Memphis Grizzlies were playing the LA Clippers in the Quarter Finals of the NBA play offs. So you got a strange mix of music lovers and sports fans in the same few blocks.
Anyway, after eating, we headed down to music festival which was in Tom Lee Park. Right on the river. It is not uncommon for it to rain and be muddy for Memphis in May. But the low for the night was 38 degrees. 38 degrees in Memphis, Tenns. in May! Really? Can I plan a romantic get-away or what? Still, we braved the cold wind and rain to see some music from some of Mary's favorite music artist. Like, The Wallflowers                                  
And Sheryl Crow

I would love to say that we stayed to see the Friday Night Headliners, Alice In Chains, but the night had become bitterly cold & wet for people not well dress for it. So we stopped off at The Flying Saucer to meet Mary's cousin Owen,for beers. He is the manager. It was packed from the Game and MiM.So after a beer we called it a night and head back to the hotel.

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