Friday, June 30, 2006

Werid Days, Sleepless Nights

If there is one constant in my life it is that life is wonderfully werid. I just can't relate to people who say their life in ordinary or boring. I just take it to mean that they are ordinary or boring.
What has brought on this revelation. A complete lack of sleep, of course.
I don't know how mean people know this but I suffer(or not) from a mild form of insomnia. Its cycles. I will sleep well for a while and then not. Its brought on by varies factor, diet, stress, etc, etc.
What is funny is I can't find to reason lately. I got all my bill payed, I am eating better if not more regularly, I am exercising. But it seem the more I do, the less food or sleep I need. The only think I can think of is that I am lonely. I got good friends, most of whom are scattered across the country, but I got a number of people I hang out with local. But when I go home I am still alone. I am not saying this to get pity, just stating what I think is a fact, at least from my POV.
Anyway, like Henry Rollins said, "Sleep Deprivation make everything Neat!", but it also make my tolorance for bullshit extremely small. I can give an example for both from the last 12 hours. On the neat part, I was/am total fascinated by the idea/concept of getting up at 7am this morning. So much so, I could sleep last night(Which lead to the idea that insomnia is leading me into more insomnia). On the lack of tolerence side of things, after work I went to get a burger at a late night spot. I sat down ordered, and then little gay man would not stop talking to me. I didn't know him, didn't want to get to know him, I just want to eat. I thought about having a few beers, but I couldn't sit at that bar next to that guy for one more second without going ape shit on the guy. So I left, which I guess is a good think in the long run.
The other positive factor of not sleep, is I get to hang out more. I get off a nine or ten hour work shift and go to a show.In the last few weeks I have seen Shooter Jennings and The Lendary Shack Shakers. I even got cool ass head wound at the Shack Shaker show(try to say that five time real fast), when the lead singer threw a clip on lamp into the crowd, and I wasn't fast enough to move. Again, sleep deprivation makes everything neat, because I was more interested the fact that the lamp bounced all the way back to the bands drummer.
So I spent the last half of the show dancing, drinking and bleeding all over the place. Good Times!!!
Stranger still, a gay cowboy(Damn You Brokeback Mountain! Damn You!) thinks I am cute.
Well that about all I can think of to say today. I got to start thinking about my rant for the 4th of July. I think this year it will be on the political apathy of the working class, but that is just some random thought for now. I will hope have a better idea after canoeing this weekend.

HCB 6-27-06

Buddy Guy- Baby Please Don't Leave Me- Sweet Tea
Junior Wells- Goin' Home- Better Off with the Blues
Muddy Waters- The Same Thing- Electric Mud
Lee Gates- Black Lucy Moanin the Blues- Black Lucy Deuce
Gov't Mule- Soulshine- The Deep End
North Mississippi Allstars- Crying- 4 song EP
The Black Keys- My Mind is Ramlbing- Chulahoma
Creech Holler- Black Mountain- With Signs Following
Moreland Arbuckle & Floyd- Lost Past Midnight- Floyd's Market
Rod Piazza- Blues for Honey- Modern Masters
John Hammond- Big Black Mariah- Wicked Grin
Otis Rush- Gamblers Blues- All Your Love I Miss Loving
Buddy Guy- Sit and Cry- Southern Blues
Solomon Burke- Only a Dream- Don't Give Up On Me
Otis Redding- I Love You More Than Words Can Say- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers
Aretha Franklin- My Way- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Sisters
Nina Simone- Nobody's Fault But Mine- The Soul of Nian Simone
Slick Ballinger- Juke House Blues- Mississippi Soul
Lightnin Hopkins & the Blues Summit- Ain't Nothing Like Whiskey- Lightnin Hopkins & the Blues Summit

Friday, June 23, 2006

HCB 6-20-06

The Black Keys- My Mind is Rambling- Chulahoma
Jimmy Smith- Let's Stay Together- Jimmy Smith Live! Root Down
Vasti Jackson- Hub City Boogie Man- Live
Guitar Shorty- Hard Life- The Long And Short of it
Johnny "Guitar" Watson- Ain't that a Bitch- Best of the Funk Years
Sam & Dave- You Left The Water Running- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers
Aretha Franklin- My Way- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Sisters
Otis Redding- I Love You More Than Words Can Say- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers
The Sweet Inspirations- Ain't Nothing Gonna Change Me- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Sisters
Otis Clay- Pouring Water On a Drowning Man- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers
Baby Washington- What Becomes of the Broken Hearted- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Sisters
Walter Jackson- Coldest Days of My Life- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers
Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells- (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days- Atlantic Unearthed Soul Sisters
Adolphus Bell- Child Support Blues- One Man Band
Charles Musselwhite- Black Water- Delta Hardware
Moreland, Arbuckle, & Floyd- Long Past Midnight- Floyd's Market
Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood- Mississippi Soul
Lynn Drury- Down the Road- All You Need
Aynsley Lister,Erja Lyytinen, Ian Parker- Mississippi Lawnmower Blues- Pilgrimage
Marshall Chapman- Jesus was a Capricorn- The Pilgrim
Creech Holler- Poor Ol Maddie- With Signs Following
Heartless Bastards- The Will Song- Stairs and Elevators
Patrick Sweany Band- Bounce- C'mon C'mere
Lee Gates- Black Lucy Moanin The Blues- Black Lucy's Deuce
Ray Charles- Blues is My Middle Name- The Best of Great Blues Masters

Thursday, June 15, 2006

One Year Later!

I just realised that I have been blogging for over a year now!

HCB 6-13-06

Robert Randolph and the Family Band- Shake Your Hips- Live at the Wetlands
Jimmy Smith- Let's Stay Togethers- Jimmy Smith Live Root Down
Solomon Burke- I Got the Blues- Make Do With What You Got
Gary U.S. Bonds- I've Got Dreams to Remember- Back in 20
Al Green- My Problem is You- I Can't Stop
Adolphus Bell- Child Support Blues- One Man Band
Richard Johnston- Miss Maebelle- Foothill Stomp
Scott H Biram- Wreck My Car- Dirty Old One Man Band
Bob Log III- Wigglin Room- Log Bomb
Adolphus Bell- Ain't No Sunshine- One Man Band
Cary Hudson- Just Stuff- 3 Live from T-Bone Records
Slim Harpo- Shake Your Hips- Excello Single Anthology
Son House- Death Letter Blues- Revisited
Skip James- Devil Got My Woman- Very Best of Skip James
Lynn Drury- Down The Road- All you need
Marshell Chapman- Jesus was a Capricorn- The Pilgram:
ZZ Top- Fool For Your Stockings- Bear's Choice vol 2
Slick Ballinger- Juke House Blues- Mississippi Soul
Moreland, Arbuckle & Floyd- Long Past Midnight- Floyd's Market
Charles Musselwhite- Black Water- Delta Hardware Co.
Johnny Dyer with Mark Hummel- 40 Days and 40 Nights- Rolling Fork Revisited
Lee Gates- Black Lucy Moanin' the Blues- Black Lucy Deuce
The Legendary Shack Shakers- Shake Your Hips- CockaDoodleDon't

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Wasting Away

Well so it seems I am losing weight. This was not a conscience decision. I didn't even realize how much weight I had lose till I visited my parents for Memorial Day.
I have lost something like twenty pounds. True alot of that was probably in my hair, I cut it all off for the summer, But....

I am being asked of how I am losing weight, so I thought I would write it down for the world to see.

I think it was the result of alot of small change to my life style more than anything else. Nothing I am about to write it absolute, more like guideline.

First, I stopped drinking! Okay I didn't, but I don't drink at home anymore. If I go down to the Hippo to see a show, I will have two or three beers. But I don't drink hard alcohol anymore.

Second, a change in diet. First just because of my schedule, I only get to eat once a day. This is a really big meal, and then I have little snacks here and there. Toast in the morning, a big lunch, and a small dinner. I also stopped eating paste and bread. focusing more on meat, cheese, fruits and veggies.

Last, just stay active. Because of the gas price, plus my car being fucked up, I have started riding my bike more. This alone, combined with the Mississippi Summer Heat, should drop some pounds off anybody. But I does have to be biking. Sunday, I went and canoed a river near Hattiesburg, The Okatoma River. Not a bad way to send a lazy Sunday afternoon.

As I said before nothing here is absolute. If I go to a friends house to watching TV and he makes Paste, I will eat it. If a pretty girl buys me a shot, I will drink it. It I don't ride my bike one day it isn't the end of the world. Sense my goal was not to lose weight, but to change my life style some, I still feel like a have successed.

Devils Day Blues 666

Mississippi Fred McDowell- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl- The Best of Fred McDowell
R.L. Burnside- Rollin and Tumblin- Mr. Wizard
Junior Kimbrough- I'm Leaving You Baby- Most Things Haven't Worked Out
David Kimbrough Junior- Hey Pretty Girl- Shell Shocked
Burnside Exploration- All By Myself- The Record
The Black Keys- Keep Your Hands Off Her- Chulahoma
Lee Gates- Black Lucy Moanin The Blues- Black Lucy Deuce
Guitar Shorty- Hard Life- The Long and Short of it
Adolphus Bell- Child Support Blues- One Man Band
Hound Dog Taylor- She's Gone- 35 x 35
Slick Ballinger- Juke House Blues- Mississippi Soul
Moreland, Arbuckle & Floyd- Date with the Devil- Floyd's Market
Richard Johnston- Do the Romp- Foothill Stomp
Freddie King- Sweet Home Chiago- Live at the Electric Ballroom, 1974
Otis Rush & Friends- Right Place, Wrong Time- Live at Montreux, 1986
Charles Brown- Driftin Blues- Great Blues Masters
Ray Charles- Blues is My Middle Name- Great Blues Masters
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells- Catfish Blues- Alone & Acoustic
Big Joe Williams- Brand New Car- Revisited
Keb Mo & Robert Cray- 12 Year Old Boy
Hillstomp- Flood Blues- One Word
Tarbox Ramblers- Down South Blues- Tarbox Ramblers
Charles Caldwell- Same Man- Remember Me
Adolphus Bell- Ain't No Sunshine- One Man Band