Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hub City Blues 10-25-05

Albert King- I'll Play the Blues For You- Very Best Of....
Luthor Allison- Hoochie Coochie Man- Pay It Forward
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed- Bring'em In
B.B. King w/ Van Morrison- Early In the Morning- BB King & Friends 80
Freddie King- TV Mama- Freddie King (1934-1976)
Jimi Hendrix- Red House- The Blues: Jimi Hendrix
Ike Turner and The Kings of Rhythem- Black Angel- A Black Man's Soul
Johnny Guitar Watson- Gangster of Love- The Funk Anthology
Soulive w/ Robert Randolph- Crosstown Traffic- Break Out
Chris Cotton- Black Night- I Watched the Devil Die
R.L. Burnside- Leave Me and My Woman Alone- Raw Electric 1979/1980
Hillstomp- Shake It- The Woman That Ended The World
Moreland and Arbuckle- Coal Black Maddie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark LemHouse- Cluck Old Hen- Great American Yard Sale
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- SuperLungs
The Fabulous Thunderbirds- Love Speaks Louder Than Words- Painted on
The Detriot Cobras- I wanna holler- Baby
Bettye Lavette- The High Road- I've Got My Own Hell To Raise
Sam Cooke- You Gotta Move- Nightbeat
Bonnie Raitt- Unnecessarily Mercenary- Soul Alike
Dustin Messina- Its So Easy- ustin Messina
Slick Ballinger- Feel So Good- Slick Ballinger
Afrissippi- All Night Long

Monday, October 24, 2005

Best and Worst shows on Primetime

According to the Parents Television Council(PTC).
This is one of those watch dog groups that thinking anything I will watch is bad for the Family. Yeah! That is probably true!

1. The War at Home Fox/8:30 Sunday - 1st Season
My Comments: Never Seen It!
2. The Family Guy Fox/9:00 Sunday - Returning show
My Comments: Maybe one of the funniest shows on TV, ever. Is it weird I identify with the dog the most
3. American Dad Fox/9:30 Sunday - Returning show
My Comments: Not as good as Family Guy, but still pretty funny
4. The O.C. Fox/8:00 Thursday - Returning show
My Comments: What little I have seen of this show, makes me think it is just 90210: The Next Generation.
5. C.S.I. (Crime Scene Investigation) CBS/9:00 Thursday - Returning show
My Comments: I love this show, the original at least. Science and Crime Fighting, AWESOME!!!!
6. Desperate Housewives ABC/9:00 Sunday - Returning show
My Comments: Like the OC, what little I have seen of this show, it seems harmless. Stupid, definitely, but harmless
7. Two and a Half Men CBS/9:00 Monday - Returning show
My Comments: Never Seen It!
8. That ‘70s Show Fox/Returning in November ‘05
My Comments: How can you hate on this show, true its been on longer than the 70s where but still....
9. Arrested Development Fox/8:00 Monday - Returning show
My Comments: Best Show on TV, period!
10. Cold Case CBS/8:00 Sunday - Returning show
My Comments: Never Seen It

1.Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC/8:00 Sunday - Returning show
My comments: I remember the first time this was on. It was called "habitat for humanity". IF you want to help a family rebuild a home get off your ass and go do it. There are enough of them on the Gulf Coast to last a decade or so.
2. Three Wishes NBC/9:00 Friday - 1st season
My Comment:AAAaaaahhhhh....Amy Grant......While I am all for helping people this just seems like using this people for TV ratings. Same as the above show.
3. American Idol Fox/Returning in spring '06
My comment: And this crapfest of reality Tv just keeps going. The only good part of this show is the poeple who can't sing. Once it gets to the "competition" well....
4. The Ghost Whisperer CBS/8:00 Friday - 1st Season
My Comments: Never Seen It, but seems like PG version of the Sixth Sense
5. Everybody Hates Chris UPN/8:00 Thursday - 1st Season
My Comments: Very Funny! Based on Chris Rocks upbringing. Highly Recommended
6. Reba WB/9:00 Friday - Returning show
My Comments: Its a middle of the Road Family Sitcom. It has its funny moments but You have seen them all before.
7. Bernie Mac Fox/8:00 Friday - Returning show
My Comments: While I like Bernie Mac, this show just isn't what I like about him. To middle of the road.
8. Dancing with the Stars ABC/Returning in spring ‘06
My Comments: This was Funny, but for all the wrong reason. If you have absolutely nothing better to do, including sleep, watch it.
9. 7th Heaven WB/8:00 Monday - Returning show
My Comments: Is this show still on?
10. Not available.
My Comments: HA HA! They could even find a tenth show

What I find really funny about this is they didn't talk about South Park, Nip/Tuck, The Simpson, or etc, etc. And most of there Best shows are "Reality" TV, which is like a plague of locust on our land.

FALL! and the wacky weekend

Yeah Baby Yeah!My second favorite season it here. (Spring being my favorite)
I am finally starting to get better. I was sick for most of last week. It was mainly a sinus cold but man, it kicked my ass. I was coughing and staying up all night. Which didn't help because I was in the middle of Mid-terms and writing papers last week. But as I said I am getting better, got some anti histamines and some OJ.
Anyway, glad to have the summer heat gone. When I woke up this morning it was probably 40 degrees outside, so that made it about 41 degrees in my little apartment. At least if forced me to get dressed and eat a good warm breakfest.

I even had a good weekend. Finished my last mid-term a 2pm on friday, went to work, then went down to the Hippo to see a cajun swing band called Red Stick Ramblers. Its a good name for a band from Baton Rouge. I did notice something strange, Liz and her grad school friends found the talbe on the patio furtherest from the building to talk about school work. They got dressed up, payed a $6 cover, over payed on beer, to ignore the band and talk about school, on a Friday night!!! Weird!

Anyway, I had a fine time, drinking and dancing with Rebecca, who was to drunk for her own good. Got home around 3am and then went to work around eight. Sleep deprivation make everything neat! Especially when you work around fire and knifes. So I finally went home, eat dinner, and then....went to bed. Thats me...Mr. Excitement!
Whats he doing on a Saturday Night, He's sound asleep at 9:30pm.
But I between school, work, being sick, and going out Friday, I needed the rest. I slept a solid ten hours. It was great.

And that bring me to the Socrates moment of the weekend. Ahhhh....the corruption of the young. I was not really that involved, I just wanted to sick around and see how it ended. In the restuarant we have a young server, if 22 is young, that had never drank or smoked before. I don't know how this all started but after their shift, people started to buy this poor kid drink. Not just beer, but gin, tequila,and mixed shot. So by the time I arrive at the bar(I was tired of doing homework, I wanted to watch some football and have a beer) he was hammered and cursing at people. Some one gave this poor kid a cigerrete and then we even tried to hook him up with the 45 year old drunk that was trolling the bar all weekend trying to find a young man.

Corruption Check List:
Alcohol, Check
Smoking, Check
Sex, wisely he turned this down

Anyway, at some point he had called his mom and she was coming to get him. It funny, that this was about the time all the people buying him drink disappeared. So Sherman and I waited for his mom, who turn out to be alot cooler about this than we had been lead to beleive. We were expecting a religious nut, based on what we had been told.
Anyway this was alot funnier, at the kids expense, at the time. It seems like an assholish thing to do now, but then I think, all I did was buy my own beer and watch, so I don't feel so bad about it.

And to think this entry start out about season of fall!


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

HCB 10-18-05

Lightnin Hopkins & Blues Summit- Ain't Nothin Like Whiskey- Lightnin Hopkin & Blues Summit
Jimmy Reed- I'm Leavin- Jimmy Reed
Buddy Guy/ Junior Wells- Give Me My Coat and Shoes- Alone & Acoustic
Son House- Death Letter Blues- Revisited
Elmore James- Held My Baby Last Night- Shake Your Money Maker
Fred McDowell- Levee Camp Blues- Best of....
R.L. Burnside- You Don't Love Me- Raw Electric 1979/1980
Moreland and Arbuckle- Coal Black Maddie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- Great American Yard Sale
Hillstomp- Jackson Parole Board Blues- The woman That Ended the World
Soulive- crosstown traffic- break out
Johnny "Guitar" Watson- I want to ta-ta you baby- Funk Anthology
Sam Cooke- Mean Old World- Night beat
Nina Simone- Nobody's Fault But Mine- The Soul of Nina Simone
Bettye LaVette- The High Road- I've got my own hell to raise
Solomon Burke- Don't Give Up On Me- Don't Give Up On Me
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- SuperLungs
Detriot Cobras- Silver & Gold (when i get like this)- Baby
The Fabulous Thunderbirds- Love Speaks Louder than Words- Painted On
Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm- Getting Nasty- A Black Man's Soul
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring 'em In
Carlos Guitarlos- Hole in my Pocket- Hell Can Wait
Heartless Bastards- Runnin- Stairs and Elevators
Bob Log III- MakeYou Say WoW- Log Bomb
Slick Ballinger- Brotherhood- Slick ballinger

Monday, October 17, 2005


So I saw this movie over the weekend. It is low class humor, but it was a nice way to kill two hours. especially when you don't have TV to rot your brain.
Whats scary, at least it should be to you, is how true much of it is.
Employees partying together and dating each other; a
VERY pissed off kitchen when you order right before close; older guys hitting on underage girls; assholes as management; and people working there because they don't know what to do with their lives. I deal with these things everytime I go to work
While I can't say it was great movie, its gross, its cliched, but it also smacks of being true. So think about that next time you go out to eat.

Friday, October 14, 2005

We, men that is, are so stupid sometimes....

I found this online
Nerds Allow Hot College Girls Into Their Nuclear Reactors!!
ABC’s “Primetime” (or was it "20/20"?) finally turned in something “60 Minutes” worthy!
This story had sex and horror! (They’re the new gods, you know!)
It was exactly what you’d expect, yet it still made for great television. Skinny, cute ABC college interns turn up at campus nuclear reactors, and the physics nerds – excited just to see real girls in sundresses – let them frolic near weapons-grade plutonium with uninspected and overstuffed backpacks and tote-bags!
Read more about it Here and still more Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weirdly Random Events and HCB 10-11-05

So I am doing my show yesterday and just truely strange things kept happening.
First off, a tour came threw the studio. In the years I have been working at WUSM I have never seen a tour. Yet here where about twenty people just wandering around. And what is stranger some seemed general interested in what I was doing. It freaked me out.
You have to understand working at WUSM isn't glamours. Its a very greeky thing to do. Sure it seems like it would be cool, but basically I sit in a room and play music for myself. The fact that a few thousand people can hear me is a very distance second to that.
But Mik got nine application, so maybe the tour is a good idea.
Then there was the request line. Normally, we get no calls (Makes you think nobody is listening) or at most one or two request. Maybe an internet request from the Tweedsters. But generally I get nothing. So yesterday, one guy keeps calling. His request where not that strange, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, and Eric Bibb. At the end of my show I got into a real African vibe, probably because of Chris. But as I am playing Otha, my last song, The guy calls back and thanks me for the good show. Then he says his name is Seth Libby and what every phone he was one breaks up and dies. My response is "Holy Shit!" For those who have never had the pleasure of meeting Seth, he is easily the craziest person I have ever meet. He is now fronting a band called Seth Libby y Los Librels. I figure Seth will either become famous or just end up died. Probably both!
Very Strange day at the radio station indeed!

Paul "Wine" Jones- Pucker Up Buttercup- Wish I was In Heaven Sitting Down
Paul "Wine" Jones- Goin Back Home- Not the Same Old Blues Crap 2
Paul "Wine" Jones- I'm Gonna Leave- Not the Same Old Blues Crap 2
B.B. King w/ Van Morrison- Early in the Morning-B.B.King & Friends 80
Muddy Waters- Champagne & Reefer- King Bee
Grayson Capps- I can't hear you- If you knew my mind
Ike Turner- Funky Mule- A Black Man's Soul
Johnny "Guitar" Watson- Gangster of Love- The Funk Anthology
Soulive- Crosstown Traffic- Break Out
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring 'Em In
Johnny Rawls and the Rays- Never Found a Smoking Gun- No Boundaries
Bonnie Raitt- Unnecessarily Mercenary- Souls Alike
Albert King- Born Under a Bad Sign- Very Best of
Hound Dog Taylor- Gonna Send You Back to Georgia- Release the Hound
Duwayne Burnside- Cross Cut Saw- Live at the Mint
Duwayne Burnside- Treatin Me So Bad- Under Pressure
Duwayne Burnside- Dust My Broom- Live at the Mint
R.L. Burnside- Rolling and Tumbling- Raw Electric 1979/1980
Elmore James- Done Somebody Wrong- Shake Your Money Maker
Moreland & Arbuckle- Coal Black Mattie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- The Great American Yard Sale
Hillstomp- Jackson Parole Board Blues- The Woman That Ended the World
Eric Bibb- Like Aretha Loves To Sing- A Ship Called Love
Markus James- Far As I Can Run/MajiricaSamba- Calabash Blues
Afrosippi- Nduumandi/Hands Off that Girl Afrosippi
Otha Turner & the Afrossippi Allstars- Station Balls- From Senegal to Senatobia

Finally just want to get a shout out to Paul "Wine" Jones who passed away on Sunday. He was a blues artitst on
Fatpossum and was one of the nicest people I have ever meet. I first meet him in New Orleans, when Caroline and I went and saw the Fat Possum Juke Joint Caravan Tour. He and I talk about fishing, weilding(his day job), cooking (my day job), music and women. He told Caroline to not let me get away, or something to that effect. I got to talk to him a few time at Martins in Jackson. He was great preformer and a good person and I have no idea he had cancer.
So give a toast as another player steps to the stage of Gods band.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Difference a Day Make....

It Cold.
Its only October and it cold.
I mean its not Maine in January cold, but this isn't a Mississippi October.
It wasn't cold yesterday, but its cold today
Yesterday was Sunny and Warm. I rode my bike to School. Sat out in the Sunshine.
I would say the temp. was in the lower 90s or upper 80s. General it was a nice day.
I woke up this morning. It was cloudy, the wind was blowing and the temp. had fallen to the lower 70s. Stupid me just put on short and T-shirt and left my house before I knew it was cold. That was an interesting bike ride.
I guess I will have to break out a jacket for the Football game tomorrow. least it isn't a Hurricane!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saturday Night, Mathus, and the Weird Old Lady

So Its been almost two weeks sense I wrote anything more than my set list. Very Bad!!! But I have been busy. This new schedule of school, work, homework is killing me. And not in that fun, Drinking myself to death way.

Anyway this post is mainly a shout out to Reid and Blue because they will know what I am talking about. James "Jimbo" Mathus played the Hippo Saturday. And there she was, again. That weird, old, nasty looking lady who just gets in front of the band and shakes her ass.

Hold on....I need to throw up.....bad memories......a painful experience indeed

I was suppose to go to the Art walk, but it looked like rain so I stayed home and read till the appointed hour to go see the show. Which looking back was bad idea because I could have walked down to Mik's house and flirted with his terrible cute neighbor. Not only is she cute, she has a PHD in English. So does that make her Doctor Cutie?

Back to the subject at hand, As with any trip to the Hippo and anytime you see Mathus, It was a rocking good time. This show was well attended, the beer was beer, the weather turned out to be okay, I meet another beautiful woman, Rebecca, and generally had a great time. Except for the nasty old woman at the front of the crowd.

Unfortanely, nine housrs of work at the restaurent sent me home early.

HCB 10-04-05

Hillstomp- Jackson Parole Board- The Woman that Ended the World
Moreland and Arbuckle- Coal Black Maddie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- The Great American Yard Sale
Scott H Biram- Someday- Dirty Old One Man Band

Steve Krase- Pray for Me- Easy Livin
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- Superlung

Grayson Capps- I Can't Hear You- If You Knew My Mind
Grayson Capps- A Love Song for Bobby Long- If You Knew My Mind
Grayson Capps- How's I to Know- If You Knew My Mind

Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring 'em In
B.B. King w/ Van Morrison- Early in the Morning- B.B. King & Friends 80

Bonnie Rate- Unnecessarily Mercenary- Souls Alike
Johnny "Guitar" Watson- I want to Ta-Ta You Bady- The Funk Anthology
Soulive w/ Robert Randolph- Crosstown traffic- Break Out
Bettye Lavette- Only Time Will Tell Me- I've Got My Own Hell To Raise

Alvin Youngblood Hart- How Long Before I Change My Clothes- Motivational Speaker
Tom McFarland- Going Back To Oakland- Travelin' with the Blues
Bob Bogdal- Workin' Out On the Road- Underneath the Kudzu
Otis Taylor- Didn't Know Much About Education- Below the Fold

Slim Harpo- I'm a King Bee- The Excello Singles Anthology
Skip James- Hard Time Killing Floor- Very Best of Skip James
Elmore James- Rollin and Tumblin- Shake Your Moneymaker
Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy- Electric Mud
Solomon Burke- I Got the Blues- Make Do With What You Got