Friday, November 18, 2005

"So how's that working out for you?"

"Being Clever"
You know once I wrote clever and witty things here, but now.....WoW! "Slacker" Williams strikes yet again. I guess I am just busy, School, Work, Home Work, Reading, Writing, Sleep, and a little TV from time to time. Thats my life! Hopefully, Eaglepalooza (Yes, I know its a stupid name)will be fun tonight. Alot of people from out of town will be here. Unfortantly this years bands are Dashboard Confessional & Pat Green. I don't even know who Pat Green is and what little I know of Dashboard comes from an article I read about cult deprogramming. But I really beleive that something is only what you make of it. Still I wish Robert Randolph was play like was originally planned. DAMN YOU HURRICANE KATRINE!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!
Plus, new Harry Potter and Walk the Line come out today. AWESOME!!! I am so lame, I need a woman.


You are Napoleon Dyanamite and a buttload of gangs
are trying to recruit you.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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HCB 11-15-05

Robert Randolph- Ted's Jam- Live at the Wet Land
North Mississippi Allstars- Crying- 4 song EP
Detriot Cobras- Silver & Gold- Baby
Fabulous Thunderbirds- Love speaks louder than words- Painted On
RL Burnside- Leave Me and My Woman Alone- Raw Electric
Hillstomp- N.E. Portland 3 a.m.- The Woman that Ended the World
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- Great American Yard Sale
Moreland & Arbuckle- Coal Black Maddie- Caney Valley Blues
Bonnie Raitt- Unnecessarily Mercenary- Souls Alike
Jessie Mae Hemphill- Streamline Train- Blues Guitar Women
Maria Muldaur/Bonnie Raitt- It's a Blessing- Blues Guitar Women
Susan Tedeschi- Share Your Love With Me- Hope and Desire
Ruthie Foster- Woke Up This Morning- Blues Guitar Women
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- SuperLungs
Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm- Getting Nasty- A Black Man's Soul
BB King / Van Morrison- Early in the Morning- BB King and Friends 80
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in my Bed- Bring'em In
Chicago Blues Reunion- Walk Away- Buried Alive in the Blues
Mannish Boys- Mystery Train- Live & in Demand
Mississippi Heat- I'm a Woman- Glad You're Mine
Delta Moon- Lovin in the Moonlight- Howlin
Blind Boys of Alabama- Give a Man a Home- Spirit of the Century
Bettye Lavette- The High Road- I've Got My Own Hell to Raise
Solomon Burke- I got the Blues- Make do With What You Got
The Black Keys- Leavin Trunk- The Big Come Up

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Peanuts character are you?

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Alright! I can live with that!

HCB 11-8-05

Cary Hudson- Go Way Devil- Live in Wredennagen
R.L. Burnside- Rollin and Tumblin- Burnside on Burnside
Muddy Waters- Everything Gonna Be Alright- Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live Son House- Death Letter Blues- Revisited
Lightnin Hopkins- Ain't Nothin Like Whiskey- The Blues Summit
Buddy Guy/ Junior Wells- Boogie Chillen- Alone and Acoustic
Markus James- Far As I Can Run/Majiricasamba- Calabash Blues
Afrississippi- Nduumandi/ Hands Off that Girl- Fulani Journey
Hillstomp- Jackson Parole Board Blues- The Woman that Ended the World
Moreland And Arbuckle- Coal Black Mattie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- Great American Yard Sale
Bobby Bland- Turn On Your Love Light- Best Of....
B.B. King w/ Van Morrison- Early in the Morning-BB King & Friends 80
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- Super Lungs
Nina Simone- Nobody's Fault But Mine- The Soul of Nina Simone
Sam Cooke- Little Red Rooster- Night Beat
Bettye Lavette- The High Road- I've Got My Own Hell to Raise
Al Green- My Problem is You- I Can't Stop
Susan Tedeschi- The Danger Zone- Hope and Desire
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring' em In
Gary US Bonds- I've Got Dreams to Remember- Back In 20
Ike Turner- Getting Nasty- A Black Man's Soul
Gov't Mule w/ Little Milton- Soul Shine- The Deep End

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Long Halloween

I don't know about you people, but Halloween, or more specificly the celebration of Halloween, seemed really long this year. It has taken me a week just to get my head back on straight. People seem to to start celebrateing as early as Thursday to 27th. They partied their way threw the whole weekend. Not me! I spend Friday on the Road to Jackson and Back, so I could pick stuff up from the Parents house.
I only got to rock out on Saturday night. I don't really know what I went as. I start out as crooked Bible salesman but by the end of the night my answer just turned into "drunk!".
Started Saturday night at Shandees Halloween Party. The hostess herself was looking lovely as the angel she was dressed to be. I still don't know what is going on between her and myself, but..... I didn't know alot fo people there, but the few I knew or the few I meet, seemed like good folks. Jamar, dress as a pimp in his usual three piece suit, picks up the whole party and moves it and it very drunk attends to the Hippo for the "Hell-o-ween" party. The original cast was playing(this band is made up of all the oldest suriving member of H'burg underground/punk rock scene) and rocking out. Here I know alot more people, Andrew Williams and his date dressed as a Priest and Nun, Rebecca looking hot as hell as A Kung Fu Girl, and Mik and Cris dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman. Jamar even got up and sang "Hey ya" with the band. A punk rock band covering Outkast with a 6 foot three blackman with dread in a three piece suit. Surreal just about covers that image.
Anyway, Sunday was the day most family in the Burg took their little ones out. Ethan Noffka ,at a 15 months, went as Darth Vader. It almost makes this old fanboy want to cry. But Ethan has always, thanks to his parents, been the coolest kid. He even had a Misfits Oney.
Sadly on Monday the 31st, Halloween, I was stuck at work at least in beginning. From about 3 to 7pm I did prep work and stood around alot. Really who goes out to eat on Halloween. Maybe if it was a week end, but on a Monday and its Halloween. Basically I am saying we where not busy. Still it was neat to see everyone custome at work. The Waiters came as a cowboys, Indian Jones, Vampires,and Pimps, and the Doll Boy (Heh Heh!). The waitress came in as little as legal possible, not that I am complaining. School Girl outfits, Snow White, Cowgirls, Ho's, and Vampires. I can't help but feel they made more money than the guys that night.
When I finally returned home, it was to late to dress up so I just put on a pair of jeans and flannal shirt, pulled my hair down in my face and if anyone asked I would say I was Curt Cobain. Laziest costum ever.
I don't know if eveyones Halloween was as long as mine, hell is reality mean wasn't that long. But it seemed like a long Halloween!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

HCB 11-01-05

Fabulous Thunderbirds- Love Speaks Louder Than Words- Painted On
R.L.Burnside- Rollin and Tumblin'- Raw Electric
Junior Kimbrough- Leaving In the Morning- sad days, lonely nights
Charles Caldwell- Old Buck- Remeber Me
Chris Thomas King- John Law Burned Down the Liquor Sto'- Legend of Tommy Johnson
Keb' Mo'- Muddy Waters- slow down
Elam McKnight & Keith Carter- Leaving 5 Points- The Last Country Store
Nathan James & Ben Hernandez- Mama Let Me Lay It on You-Make a Change Sometimes
Steve Reynolds- Staggerin' Jack- downriver
Kenny Brown- If Down Was Up- stingray
Kenny Brown- You Don't Know My Mind- stingray
Kenny Brown- Shake Em' On Down- stingray
Afrissippi- Ngol Jimol- fulani journey
Markus James- Come Around- Calabash blues
North Mississippi Allstars- Station Blues- Shake Hands With Shorty
Terry Reid- I've Got News For You- SuperLungs
Ike Turner- Scotty Souling- A Black Man's Soul
Mannish Boy- Mystery Train- Live & In Demand
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring'em In
Tarbox Ramblers- Already Gone- A Fix Back East
Tarbox Ramblers- Interview
Tarbox Ramblers- Were You There- A Fix Back East
Canned Heat- Never Get Out of These Blues Alive- Friends In the Can