Friday, September 02, 2005

Goin a little Stir Crazy

So I have gotten a mild case of Cabin Fever. I just can't stand sitting and waiting. I have tried to keep busy by helping out with the relief effort but with a lack of gasoline and the not unknowing about Hattiesburg is driving me a little crazy. Like hanging naked from my invisible tail and acting like a crack monkey, crazy. Inactivity and Worrying are just not what I am about.
If I knew my stuff was all destroyed as least I could start to handle it. Its the not know that is killing me. Sitting at my parents house for six days hasn't helped.
Lucky I am off to the H'burg tomorrow. It should be a right good adventure. From what I have heard on the web and the news the Burg is starting to get up and running again. Good! I don't know what is about to happen but it should make for an interesting report next time I can write.


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