Monday, October 24, 2005

FALL! and the wacky weekend

Yeah Baby Yeah!My second favorite season it here. (Spring being my favorite)
I am finally starting to get better. I was sick for most of last week. It was mainly a sinus cold but man, it kicked my ass. I was coughing and staying up all night. Which didn't help because I was in the middle of Mid-terms and writing papers last week. But as I said I am getting better, got some anti histamines and some OJ.
Anyway, glad to have the summer heat gone. When I woke up this morning it was probably 40 degrees outside, so that made it about 41 degrees in my little apartment. At least if forced me to get dressed and eat a good warm breakfest.

I even had a good weekend. Finished my last mid-term a 2pm on friday, went to work, then went down to the Hippo to see a cajun swing band called Red Stick Ramblers. Its a good name for a band from Baton Rouge. I did notice something strange, Liz and her grad school friends found the talbe on the patio furtherest from the building to talk about school work. They got dressed up, payed a $6 cover, over payed on beer, to ignore the band and talk about school, on a Friday night!!! Weird!

Anyway, I had a fine time, drinking and dancing with Rebecca, who was to drunk for her own good. Got home around 3am and then went to work around eight. Sleep deprivation make everything neat! Especially when you work around fire and knifes. So I finally went home, eat dinner, and then....went to bed. Thats me...Mr. Excitement!
Whats he doing on a Saturday Night, He's sound asleep at 9:30pm.
But I between school, work, being sick, and going out Friday, I needed the rest. I slept a solid ten hours. It was great.

And that bring me to the Socrates moment of the weekend. Ahhhh....the corruption of the young. I was not really that involved, I just wanted to sick around and see how it ended. In the restuarant we have a young server, if 22 is young, that had never drank or smoked before. I don't know how this all started but after their shift, people started to buy this poor kid drink. Not just beer, but gin, tequila,and mixed shot. So by the time I arrive at the bar(I was tired of doing homework, I wanted to watch some football and have a beer) he was hammered and cursing at people. Some one gave this poor kid a cigerrete and then we even tried to hook him up with the 45 year old drunk that was trolling the bar all weekend trying to find a young man.

Corruption Check List:
Alcohol, Check
Smoking, Check
Sex, wisely he turned this down

Anyway, at some point he had called his mom and she was coming to get him. It funny, that this was about the time all the people buying him drink disappeared. So Sherman and I waited for his mom, who turn out to be alot cooler about this than we had been lead to beleive. We were expecting a religious nut, based on what we had been told.
Anyway this was alot funnier, at the kids expense, at the time. It seems like an assholish thing to do now, but then I think, all I did was buy my own beer and watch, so I don't feel so bad about it.

And to think this entry start out about season of fall!



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Okay, and speaking of random ass post from people I don't know!

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