Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weirdly Random Events and HCB 10-11-05

So I am doing my show yesterday and just truely strange things kept happening.
First off, a tour came threw the studio. In the years I have been working at WUSM I have never seen a tour. Yet here where about twenty people just wandering around. And what is stranger some seemed general interested in what I was doing. It freaked me out.
You have to understand working at WUSM isn't glamours. Its a very greeky thing to do. Sure it seems like it would be cool, but basically I sit in a room and play music for myself. The fact that a few thousand people can hear me is a very distance second to that.
But Mik got nine application, so maybe the tour is a good idea.
Then there was the request line. Normally, we get no calls (Makes you think nobody is listening) or at most one or two request. Maybe an internet request from the Tweedsters. But generally I get nothing. So yesterday, one guy keeps calling. His request where not that strange, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, and Eric Bibb. At the end of my show I got into a real African vibe, probably because of Chris. But as I am playing Otha, my last song, The guy calls back and thanks me for the good show. Then he says his name is Seth Libby and what every phone he was one breaks up and dies. My response is "Holy Shit!" For those who have never had the pleasure of meeting Seth, he is easily the craziest person I have ever meet. He is now fronting a band called Seth Libby y Los Librels. I figure Seth will either become famous or just end up died. Probably both!
Very Strange day at the radio station indeed!

Paul "Wine" Jones- Pucker Up Buttercup- Wish I was In Heaven Sitting Down
Paul "Wine" Jones- Goin Back Home- Not the Same Old Blues Crap 2
Paul "Wine" Jones- I'm Gonna Leave- Not the Same Old Blues Crap 2
B.B. King w/ Van Morrison- Early in the Morning-B.B.King & Friends 80
Muddy Waters- Champagne & Reefer- King Bee
Grayson Capps- I can't hear you- If you knew my mind
Ike Turner- Funky Mule- A Black Man's Soul
Johnny "Guitar" Watson- Gangster of Love- The Funk Anthology
Soulive- Crosstown Traffic- Break Out
Buddy Guy- Somebody's Sleeping in My Bed- Bring 'Em In
Johnny Rawls and the Rays- Never Found a Smoking Gun- No Boundaries
Bonnie Raitt- Unnecessarily Mercenary- Souls Alike
Albert King- Born Under a Bad Sign- Very Best of
Hound Dog Taylor- Gonna Send You Back to Georgia- Release the Hound
Duwayne Burnside- Cross Cut Saw- Live at the Mint
Duwayne Burnside- Treatin Me So Bad- Under Pressure
Duwayne Burnside- Dust My Broom- Live at the Mint
R.L. Burnside- Rolling and Tumbling- Raw Electric 1979/1980
Elmore James- Done Somebody Wrong- Shake Your Money Maker
Moreland & Arbuckle- Coal Black Mattie- Caney Valley Blues
Mark Lemhouse- Cluck Old Hen- The Great American Yard Sale
Hillstomp- Jackson Parole Board Blues- The Woman That Ended the World
Eric Bibb- Like Aretha Loves To Sing- A Ship Called Love
Markus James- Far As I Can Run/MajiricaSamba- Calabash Blues
Afrosippi- Nduumandi/Hands Off that Girl Afrosippi
Otha Turner & the Afrossippi Allstars- Station Balls- From Senegal to Senatobia

Finally just want to get a shout out to Paul "Wine" Jones who passed away on Sunday. He was a blues artitst on
Fatpossum and was one of the nicest people I have ever meet. I first meet him in New Orleans, when Caroline and I went and saw the Fat Possum Juke Joint Caravan Tour. He and I talk about fishing, weilding(his day job), cooking (my day job), music and women. He told Caroline to not let me get away, or something to that effect. I got to talk to him a few time at Martins in Jackson. He was great preformer and a good person and I have no idea he had cancer.
So give a toast as another player steps to the stage of Gods band.


Blogger travelincaroline said...

aw, paul wine jones. i liked that man. what he said was to make sure i introduced you to my mom. he was awesome.

2:03 AM  
Anonymous baldman76 said...

Ah, Seth Libby...crazy little monkey boy. Love that guy.

7:50 PM  
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