Friday, October 14, 2005

We, men that is, are so stupid sometimes....

I found this online
Nerds Allow Hot College Girls Into Their Nuclear Reactors!!
ABC’s “Primetime” (or was it "20/20"?) finally turned in something “60 Minutes” worthy!
This story had sex and horror! (They’re the new gods, you know!)
It was exactly what you’d expect, yet it still made for great television. Skinny, cute ABC college interns turn up at campus nuclear reactors, and the physics nerds – excited just to see real girls in sundresses – let them frolic near weapons-grade plutonium with uninspected and overstuffed backpacks and tote-bags!
Read more about it Here and still more Here


Blogger Raymond Dean said...

There's a pickup line I might try...."ya wanna see my nuclear reactor?"

8:10 PM  

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