Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saturday Night, Mathus, and the Weird Old Lady

So Its been almost two weeks sense I wrote anything more than my set list. Very Bad!!! But I have been busy. This new schedule of school, work, homework is killing me. And not in that fun, Drinking myself to death way.

Anyway this post is mainly a shout out to Reid and Blue because they will know what I am talking about. James "Jimbo" Mathus played the Hippo Saturday. And there she was, again. That weird, old, nasty looking lady who just gets in front of the band and shakes her ass.

Hold on....I need to throw up.....bad memories......a painful experience indeed

I was suppose to go to the Art walk, but it looked like rain so I stayed home and read till the appointed hour to go see the show. Which looking back was bad idea because I could have walked down to Mik's house and flirted with his terrible cute neighbor. Not only is she cute, she has a PHD in English. So does that make her Doctor Cutie?

Back to the subject at hand, As with any trip to the Hippo and anytime you see Mathus, It was a rocking good time. This show was well attended, the beer was beer, the weather turned out to be okay, I meet another beautiful woman, Rebecca, and generally had a great time. Except for the nasty old woman at the front of the crowd.

Unfortanely, nine housrs of work at the restaurent sent me home early.


Anonymous baldman76 said...

Ahhh...Old Boobs Magee!Lovely, she is...

8:17 PM  

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