Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman Begins


Not that I expected it not to be, but....WoW!
Understand that when i say that I mean that it was an excellent movie. It wasn't just a good Batman movie or a good super hero movie, but a good movie.
If Batman where in no way apart of this movie it would have still been excellent. But lucky for us, this was the story of Batman.If Batman where a real person this is who and how he would have to be. I really liked the back story, his fear of bats, his parents murder, his reaction to the Mob Boss ,his training with the League ofAssas....I mean Shadow. It was great and then his putting together the Bat Suit. Everything had a function. Cape, Cowl, gauntlets, even the ears, it all served a real world function.
While Ra's and Scarecrow both are in this movie, it is Batman's movie. No being upstaged by his villians. Although the twist with Ra's was pretty cool.Everyone in the movie seem to take it pretty seriously and gave fine preformance. Bale is a young Bruce Wayne in my mind from now on. Micheal Cane, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and Gary Oldman all deliever good performances. Katie Holmes is definitely the weakest performance and she does a good job too. At least she was easy to look at.
Lastly, Gotham itself it really good. It looks like a real city. This may sound weird till you go back and look at the cityscapes in the last four movies. Using Chicago was a good move that helps add another level of realism to the film.Nolan has made in my opinion the best Super hero movie ever and maybe one of the best movies of the year.
I can only hope Brian Singer's Superman movie next year is this good.

While I am letting my inner comic book geek run wild, or as wild as inner comic book geeks run, you all should check out Frank Miller's
Sin City

It was so good they plan you make a sequel for next year using my favorite story "A Dame to Kill For"!


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