Thursday, June 30, 2005

Now that that is over....Moving on

So the Killen trial is over. It ended the only way it could with a broken old man going to jail. Don't get me wrong I got no empathy for the guy. He did kill three teenagers. What is truely wrong was everyone, and I mean everyone, has known this for close to four decades. Plus, everyone knows he didn't act alone. I don't know if the guys from the 67 civil right trial are still alive, but....
What is really sad is Killen himself. A few more weeks and he probably be dead. Sometimes I just wish that, that generation would hurry up and die so we can move past this. I am all for Justice and I am glad men like Killen and Byron De La Beckwith are caught and foung guilty. But sometime it just seems like it is opening old wounds.
I remember when the Beckwith trial was coming to a head, my mother, a Jackson Public School art teacher was given a notice on what to do if Beckwith was found innocent and a riot broke out. I was told by my mom to grab my sister, forcable if need be, and get home. I was told, "You know where the guns are. You remember how to shoot?"
No lie, those words come out of my mother's mouth. Of course this was just a year or so after the LA riots so can you really blame her.Luckily Beckwith was guilty and was found guilty for all the good it did. Old koot just up and died.
Hopefully Killen will too. Like the good book says in Deuteronomy 1:17 "Judgement is Gods".
I think these trials are as much a PR event for Mississippi was a quest for justice.
True Justice would have been if all this trials happened in 1960s and this men rotted in Jail for forty years.


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