Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hurricane....well almost

Well the first storm of the season is here and it is headed this way. Arlene isn't a full blown Hurricane,but she is close enough for me.
I woke this morning to a massive leg cramp and trees banging against my window. This reminded me of two things, cheap beer is cheap for a reason and I had to go to the store. So I went and put a full tank of gas in the Car, went to the grocery store to buy non parishable goods, went to buy a twelve pack of beer, and came home to charge my cell phone. This is pretty standard. I lucked out at the pumps and didn't have to wait, but it was a mad house. There was a good number of people at the grocery store, but nothing more than is probably there on a Saturday morning. And noboby was at the Jr. Quick Stop where I buy beer, go figure. This being a pretty small storm nobody is really freaking out. Not like last fall.....when Ivan blew threw.
Now that was a pretty big and badass storm. I live 80 miles inland and we got 70-80 mph wind and alot of rain. People cleaned both Wal-Marts and every grocery store in town out. I went to buy a loaf of bread, because if you lose power bread doesn't good bad, But they where out. I just asked a lady working there how long they had been out. She laughed and said "For two day!" Can you imagine Wla-Mart not having bread for two days. Luckily, I have been baking bread for awhile and so I bought yeast and flour and went home to bake my own. Good Stuff! You can see Highway 49 from the Wal-Mart parking lot and all you could see was bumper and bumper cars and trucks all going North. If an empty Wal-Mart didn't convince me, that did, this storm was going to be bad. I spent the last few hour before the storm arrived driving around in my friends truck, just going from house to house to see if everyone was alright, needed anything, or have a place to stay. Most people where just having Hurricane parties. Only in the deep south, can people take an oncoming natural disaster and throw a party. I wonder what the Party will be like whent he Apocolips comes? "The Apocolips Party!!! Join Us for the End of the World!!!!" LOL!
Anyway, I rode that storm out safe and sound in my bed. We didn't even lose power. The storm at the last minute took a more easternly direction, moving it to the other side of Mobile. We just caught the edge of it. There was still alot of clean up, but the nice thing about a Hurricane is after it the skies and clear and blue because it has pushed every other weather facter away.


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