Thursday, June 30, 2005

No More Runner

Sad news from one of my favorite indie rock bands. Runner and Thermodynamic is no more.

"Howdy, all. Marc here from Runner. It has been awhile
since web updates and e-mails and that is because I
have put Runner and the T's on an indefinite hiatus.
Internal tensions and constant line-up changes sapped
the group of any positive creative energy, and as
opposed to milking what I felt was an inferior product
(inferior to past performances/recordings), I have
stepped away to work on music in a more positive
atmosphere. Runner is not dead, just undergoing some
much needed creative re-fueling.

In the meantime, our website will contain The Dude, in
its entirity, free for download. We will also be
posting some other great, previously unavailable
Runner tracks - The Light, a regretfully omitted album
track, So This Is Love, recorded this past January at
the Slaughterhouse with Randy Knight (Roger's brother)
on bass, and finally, a very drunken, but very rockin
My Woman, recorded during the Dude sessions. In
addition to these rock gems, there will be pictures
from The Dude recording session, our last TT's
performance, and a few other great batches that have
been sent to us. And finally, a video of our Middle
East /Mike reunion show from this past January.

Currently, I have been writing and recording heaps of
new material which will most likely appear as the next
Runner record. I am very excited about this new music,
but will take the necessary time to make it shine. I
will also be working on an album with an old friend
and song writing partner from my band before Runner -
so look for updates to that as it developes. I will be
playing isolated solo shows when asked, so check out
the dates listed below.

Mike continues his work with Heidi Sapperstein in The
Snowleopards. And continues building Zara/Coda
Studios, which I will be breaking in the first week of

Roger has teamed up with other fellow Runner bassmen,
Randy Knight and Jim Zavadosky, to play a couple of
loose and friendly gigs as Jimmy and the Thrashers. I
don't know if this is a one-time thing or the start of
something, so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks everybody. I'll send out a note when all the
free junk is up on the sight.
Take care,

RUNNER (Marc solo)"

Check'm out and mourn the lose with me

Runner and Thermodynamic


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