Monday, June 06, 2005

What ya listen to?

I like music. Its a pretty simply fact. I listen to music all the time, even if it is just in my head. I play a small number of instrument, but all badly. I am even listed with the FCC as a radio DJ, because I am one. There are few experiences better in my life than goin to the Rock Show. It doesn't matter if it is the Legendary Shack Shakers, Widespread Panic, Flogging Molly, Juke Joint Caravan Tour, or Fugazi. It is the experience of going out and rock'n out.
I like music. Music was my sanctuary in my worst years of my life(being a teenager) and has provided a soundtrack to the better moments. Music can take can take you out of a moment or take you back to it. Every time I hear that Staind song "Its Been Awhile" I am reminded of Julie in Denver and how she tasted like peaches.
Anyway, I seem to have wandered off my original topic and that is, what are you listening to?
Currently I am listen to
The Heartless Bastards -"Stairs and Elevators"- a great rock trio from the Midwest.

Solomon Burkes - "Make do with what you got"- The King of Rock and Soul. His new ablum and his last ablum have seen this icon return to true form, much like Al Green and his last two albums. It is easy to see why he was a mentor to the Rolling Stones.

Soledad Brother - "Solodad Brother" - Their first ablum and still there best. While their other three are good, expectional "Voices of treason" There is something about the rawest of this ablum that makes if great fun to listen to. They sound like a cross between Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Brian Setzer

Mars Volta -"Frances the Mute" - the possible heirs to Pink Floyds acid rock. This is one of those ablum you can just space out to, but will keep you listening. In alot of way it reminds be of "Dark Side of the Moon" but it isn't an attempt to recreate it.

Drive By Truckers - Anything - The heart of new southern rock. All their ablum are great.

so what are you people listen to?


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