Friday, June 10, 2005

Video shoot

So I arrive at the radio station to do my show and have an invite to go see a video shot at one of my favorite bar.

Thirsty Hippo

So,Cary Hudson is shooting a video at the Hippo and I got to come in and watch it. Cary, for those who don't know was the Lead Singer and main song writer for Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain was one of the leading bands in the Altera-Country Movement. Y'altera-Country!
Well anyway, after having few beers on the film crew I noticed that there were two types of people at the Hippo that night. There were the regulars. People who just showed up to have fun at the Hippo, people in t-shirt, shorts or jeans. Then there where "the pretty people". Not that some of the regulars are not attractive, but these people just showed up in dresses, high heels, slacks and button up shirts, because there would be a camera there.

When the Film crew need people for a shot, the "pretty people" ,who where a definite minority, lined up to be the shot. The rest of us just sat at the bar and tried to stay out of the shot. What must have really made some of those "pretty girls" mad was when their boyfriends were put off to the side in favor of those of us who look a little more "scruffy". I guess we looked more like Cary Hudson fans. LOL! If you see a video for Cary Hudson that looks like I was shot in a hole in the wall bar, look for a Scruffy looking blonde guy with a beard and wearing a Rolling Stone t-shirt, thats me.
Anyway, in this day and age when people seem to chases fame like it was some type of prize, it is nice to know that some people don't care about that type of thing. That is one of the reason I really enjoy living in H'burg

Well Today I am off the work. God only knows what those Rich folks would do if they had to cook their own food. Then I am off to see Seth Libby. Anyone from V'burg or Jack town, Yes!, that Seth Libby. The crazy little monkey man.
By the way, Reid, Jess, says "hi"


Anonymous Chris Reid said...

Well tell Jess I said "hi" as well. I was just retelling some stories about Jess the other day...all of whom involved either Floyd or you, or the combo of you both.

Particularly amusing is the one where I was driving Jess home with you in the back seat on New Year's Eve 2000 (though I guess by this point it was 2001) and we hit a patch of ice and skid off the road into someone's yard and just missed a telephone pole. You slept at my house that night, and when we woke up the next morning, I said something to the effect of "Yeah, so sorry about that little accident last night."

Paraphrasing Ian's response: "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Which didn't surprise me much since, when I asked him if he was OK right after we skid off the road, Ian's immediate reaction was to open the car door (thanks for that) and throw up before falling back asleep in the back seat. HA HA HA!

So yeah, tell Jess "hi." And I really will call. Three weeks until Mississippi! Soon, man. Very soon...

7:34 PM  
Blogger IPW said...

I love that story! Its one of my favorite "I was so drunk..." stories.

9:02 PM  

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