Thursday, June 02, 2005

Its Hot!!!!!

ITS HOT!!!!!

That should be no great shock to me. I do live in South Mississippi, it is June, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. But, Damn it is hot! In all my travels I have never found heat to be the issue that it is in Mississippi. Sure other place are hot and dry and people die from it, but Heat is almost a religion here. People change there whole lives or at least how they live them because of the heat. You got to get up early to do things outside, or wait till the Sun is setting. The smart southern, if they can, gets up early and does anything they need to do outside before 9 am. After that you are going ot fried. Like, chicken in hot grease. You should spend the rest of you day hiding from the sun. I personally like to turn the AC on, lay out in bed and read a book with a cold beer and some music (nothing to loud) to help add to the experience. Some time around 4pm it is safe to start coming out of your foxhole or where ever you have choose to hide. This is about when it starts to cool off. Night time is the best time ( almost sounds like a song don't it) because you can literally feel the place you are in get cooler and that just makes going out in the Summer Night Life that much "Cooler".
Still it is Hot as Hell and it is relatively early in the Summer.
I notice I never worried about the heat when I was young. I could play all day in the hottest parts of the Summer and I always seemed fine. I wonder if children have some mysterious/mystical way to process heat into energy. And as people grow old they loss it. Probably around puberity or something. We should do test, yes that is it, lots of test on children to see how they process heat into power. If would be the infinite new fuel source all those Hippie kids are always crying about.
Hey did I mention it is Hot as Hell!.....guess so.


Anonymous callie said...

you should try fucking arizona! at least in mississippi the dashboard in your car doesn't crack & cassete cases don't melt after being left in your car for 3 hours!! & that "it's a dry heat" shit is just's fucking hot!!

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Chris Reid said...

Yes, so it has been raining here for a week and on memorial Day i actually had to wear a sweatshirt because it was so cool outside. Very strange. I mean, we are in the south here in South Carolina. I know it is supposed to be hot. Perhaps the end is near.

And to Callie: i have had many a tape melt and a dashboard crack in MS. But you're going to Alaska (Milepost BFE.3) so you have no worries for a few months. Except perhaps polar bears. or Oil Company Executives.

8:14 PM  
Anonymous erica Reid said...

I'm jealous. We've had about 1 1/2 days of hot in Chicago. Today it was overcsst and humid, but you still had to wear a sleeve. But the 2 months of summer does make the 6 of winter more bearable...

9:37 PM  

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