Friday, May 20, 2011

So, what are you doing for the apocolypse tomorrow

I thought I would get up early and run. Cause you want to look good when you meet your maker. Then make some pancakes, cause they are heavenly.After that I might read me some comic books. Got to luv those comic books. After that may sip on some whiskey and play (badly) on my guitar. Maybe I will be able to see this weeks Doctor Who before the Rapture at 6pm. Is that 6pm GST? EST? CST? HHhhmmm...? If I am not taken in the Rapture, then hopefully I can go meet Nikki Frost and Loot Be-Bop Record Store. Soon after, I should meet Fish for a Crawfish boil and then the ROLLERDERBY!!! After that I will probably just get drunk till I fall asleep.



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