Friday, November 18, 2005

"So how's that working out for you?"

"Being Clever"
You know once I wrote clever and witty things here, but now.....WoW! "Slacker" Williams strikes yet again. I guess I am just busy, School, Work, Home Work, Reading, Writing, Sleep, and a little TV from time to time. Thats my life! Hopefully, Eaglepalooza (Yes, I know its a stupid name)will be fun tonight. Alot of people from out of town will be here. Unfortantly this years bands are Dashboard Confessional & Pat Green. I don't even know who Pat Green is and what little I know of Dashboard comes from an article I read about cult deprogramming. But I really beleive that something is only what you make of it. Still I wish Robert Randolph was play like was originally planned. DAMN YOU HURRICANE KATRINE!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!
Plus, new Harry Potter and Walk the Line come out today. AWESOME!!! I am so lame, I need a woman.


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