Friday, June 30, 2006

Werid Days, Sleepless Nights

If there is one constant in my life it is that life is wonderfully werid. I just can't relate to people who say their life in ordinary or boring. I just take it to mean that they are ordinary or boring.
What has brought on this revelation. A complete lack of sleep, of course.
I don't know how mean people know this but I suffer(or not) from a mild form of insomnia. Its cycles. I will sleep well for a while and then not. Its brought on by varies factor, diet, stress, etc, etc.
What is funny is I can't find to reason lately. I got all my bill payed, I am eating better if not more regularly, I am exercising. But it seem the more I do, the less food or sleep I need. The only think I can think of is that I am lonely. I got good friends, most of whom are scattered across the country, but I got a number of people I hang out with local. But when I go home I am still alone. I am not saying this to get pity, just stating what I think is a fact, at least from my POV.
Anyway, like Henry Rollins said, "Sleep Deprivation make everything Neat!", but it also make my tolorance for bullshit extremely small. I can give an example for both from the last 12 hours. On the neat part, I was/am total fascinated by the idea/concept of getting up at 7am this morning. So much so, I could sleep last night(Which lead to the idea that insomnia is leading me into more insomnia). On the lack of tolerence side of things, after work I went to get a burger at a late night spot. I sat down ordered, and then little gay man would not stop talking to me. I didn't know him, didn't want to get to know him, I just want to eat. I thought about having a few beers, but I couldn't sit at that bar next to that guy for one more second without going ape shit on the guy. So I left, which I guess is a good think in the long run.
The other positive factor of not sleep, is I get to hang out more. I get off a nine or ten hour work shift and go to a show.In the last few weeks I have seen Shooter Jennings and The Lendary Shack Shakers. I even got cool ass head wound at the Shack Shaker show(try to say that five time real fast), when the lead singer threw a clip on lamp into the crowd, and I wasn't fast enough to move. Again, sleep deprivation makes everything neat, because I was more interested the fact that the lamp bounced all the way back to the bands drummer.
So I spent the last half of the show dancing, drinking and bleeding all over the place. Good Times!!!
Stranger still, a gay cowboy(Damn You Brokeback Mountain! Damn You!) thinks I am cute.
Well that about all I can think of to say today. I got to start thinking about my rant for the 4th of July. I think this year it will be on the political apathy of the working class, but that is just some random thought for now. I will hope have a better idea after canoeing this weekend.


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