Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Aftermath

Well for that one person who doesn't know, Uncle Bob, Louisana and Mississippi have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I am sitting safely in my parents house just north of Jackson. Or as I have gone to calling it the last line of civilization. South of I-20 is a mess. There is no electrical power, no, water, no sewage, no nothing. Road are blocked and the inferstructure of society has just broken down. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is gone. Like it was wiped clean by the Hand of God.

WLBT out of Jackson has been sending it mini-helicopter to the coast yesterday and today and the vidoe is both awe inspiring and shocking. Casinos have washed up onto highway 90 and have landed on builds across the street. Large piece of highway 90 and I-10 are just gone. Bridges crossing the bays are in the water. Whole neighborhood are just missing. Most of New Orleans is under water.
And if isn't any better as you move north. The reports I am getting out of Hattiesburg are they have no power and water. Plus, they got looting.
I have yet to return to my house in the burg, but I fear the worse. IF the house and my stuff survived the storm, if my roommates have not turned my stuff inside out, I am worried about looters. Hopefully I will get down there tomorrow or Friday and get a look at how bad it really is.Look for that report in the next day or so.

I was finally able to contact someone down there, she said its pretty bad living condition and she is head north tomorrow. But Liz said the Foley family survived the Hurricane, even if they where stupid and stayed on the coast.
I still have not been able to find out about USM, school restarts Sept. 6th, or work. Do I have a job to return to? At least the Hattiesburg American is reporting that the city is starting to get water working again but the whole city is still in a state of emergancy.

I spent the today watching the news and helping my parents neighbors. There is only so much destrution you can watch on TV before you can't stand it. This 24 hour coverage is starting to get to me. I know they are trying to give out the lastest information and keep people informed. But last night the anchorwoman was talking to a woman from Belhaven who was in Florida. Why was this news? Really? Why?
I was happy to get outside and get to work. I mainly raked yards and cut up trees. Hhhhmmmm.....Me running a chainsaw, shades of life in Americorps. My motto should be have chainsaw will travel. Anyway I get the feeling I will have plenty of chance to use one in the coming weeks.

Chris Reid did relate a funny story he heard about New Orlean. It appears they did not get all the animals out of the Aquarium of the Americas. Sharks got free into the flood waters and cops had to shot them because they were eating on the corpse in the water. Reid told me this story second or third hand. I don't know how true it is, but it is something to wonder about. Sharks of Bourbon Street!


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