Friday, August 26, 2005


While I was home last week, I lost my wallet. Yep! My home made duct tape wallet is gone, but more importantly everything in my wallet is gone. The weird thing is how it up an vanished. I was only in three place from the last time I saw it to when I noticed it was gone. My parents house, my car, and Pam's Parents House. Me and the family turned our house and my car upside down looking for it and Pam says it not at her parents. So where the Hell did it go? It just vanished. My dad says I am snake bite (The southern for really unlucky)
There where only two things of real importance in my wallet my license and my ATM/Debt card. Everythin else was just items from my past. Like my sports outfiter card, my grocery discount card, my blockbuster card, my old copy cards, etc....
So I sent my second day at home getting a new license (it only took an hour and a half, a MDOT speed recorded). And getting my Debt card cancelled. But it is weird how naked and alone I felt with out my wallet. Is my wallet my security blanket?
I can say that alot of my worse experiences involve me losing or almost losing my wallet. I lost my wallet on a school trip(school was a horroible experience), my mugging, my DUI, all bad, all involve me lossing my wallet some how.
Its sad how something so small can define you so. Especially given how I don't like to define myself by the stuff I own. Because like the movie said the stuff that you own, ends up owning you. But my wallet makes me feel okay that I can do anything as long as I got it.
So my parents bought me a new fake leather wallet, and I got my license and new debt card and life is good again.
Its a sad life I lead!


Anonymous Reid said...

Yeah, I was "there" when Ian got mugged (as in "I saw him right before and shortly after the mugging"). He was outside in the parking lot of some ghetto club where we were hanging out and these dudes jumped out of nowhere and stuck a gun in his face and told him give them his wallet and car keys.

But see, what they didn't know is that Ian's like a ninja and shit, so he said he wasn't gonna give them his keys nor was he going to get face down on the ground, as per their request. So they cracked him in the face with the gun and took his wallet, but HE WAS STILL STANDING. Then some dude hit him from behind and they all ran off like cowards cuz Ian is too much of a hardass to waste his time being scared of some punk muggers.

As one of Ian's best friends, I can say with some authority that Ian has spent the last several years systematically hunting down these thugs and killing both them and their entire families, Kaiser Soze style. For Realz.

7:18 PM  
Blogger IPW said...

Funny post script to Ian's Mugging story. This all happened more or less as Reid descripted on a Saturday night. But by Monday morning I had fought an army of ninjas and taken out out half the local mafia. I was getting calls from people a barely knew from hundreds of miles away.
Isn't it cool how shit gets blown out of preportion.

10:00 PM  

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