Saturday, August 27, 2005

We're Screwed....

The weather channel's Jim Cantore is on the coast, the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Old Jim is usually on ground zero when a Hurricane come a shore. People have even started to put up signs to tell Jim to go away. But no Jim is in Mississippi.
So Katrina seems to be headed here with all due force. I wonder if school will be cancelled? I wonder if work will be closed? I wonder if I still have time to go get some supplies? I wonder if I will ever stop writing about the weather?
Another H'burg blogger has gone so far as to writing about ever Hurricane this year. She labelled this one Katrine and the Waves. I thought it was funny, or maybe I am just old. Both work for me.
Well here is hope I live, thrive and survive another big storm.


Blogger Mike McConnell said...

You've been blogged as one of the hurricane bloggers list.

Stay safe!!

4:59 PM  

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