Monday, August 29, 2005

The View from...

Jackson, Mississippi. 12:30pm
I am glad in my decision to flee from H'burg. From what little information I can get is that the whole city is without power and the eye wall is following interstate 59 straight to Hattiesburg. I hope everyone is bunkered down as it should be reaching there anytime now. As a class two Hurricane it could have winds up to 100mph.

WLBT is running news for Jackson and New Orleans.
News reports have massive flooding in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. WBLT is showing some images and reporting some of building collasping. Gulf Coast Casinos are flooding up to the second floor. They have reported storm surge of 27 feet. Hospitals on the coast have stopped service and emergancy management on the coast has had to move north.

The Governor has stated that the search and rescue if the first priority, then clearing the roads, then restoring power, then rebuilding. Looters will be treated as "ruthlessly" as the law will let them.

Well I got to get off a tornado is on the way here.


Anonymous Chris Reid said...

Good...just sent you an email and then thought to check your blog. Good move. My uncle and his family stayed in H'burg and are OK, but the thirdhand account (via grandmom to my mom to me) can be summed up as "We're Ok, two trees fell, we were terrified, but we're OK".

Hope y'all are OK in Madison. And I wonder if Blue and Co. got out?...

8:39 PM  

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