Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Great Escape.....

.....from Hurricane Katrina
Well all the forces of Kismet united and I have made the run to the parents house in Madison. I have never run from a weather pattern before, but I have never lived threw something like this before. So when all the right elements snapped together, I went.
First school for Monday is cancelled, then work is closed for tomorrow and finally the decision to close work tonight came.
I arrived at the Cresent City Grill at 4p.m. to be told we would be closing at 6pm. So for two hours we cooked, (And we cooked alot. Who goes out to eat before a killer storm? Really? Who? Idiots!) ,cleaned and threw things into coolers and freezers.
After work I went home to shower and pack. Roomate Kyle is throwing a Hurricane Party. Alot of his friends are hanging out at the house with a few cases of beer, some bottles of wine, at least one bottle of whiskey and one of tequila. I ignored them all and took a shower and changed clothes. Then threw a few changes of clothes in a bag. I told Kyle and Company I was going. When they asked why I was leaving I explained the house was a paper shack build just after world war two and wasn't going to survive a class two hurricane (Katrine is projected to be a class two when it arrives in H'burg).
As I got in the car to leave I got a call from the parents asking me to come home. I told them I was and would be there soon. Little did I know.
So I hit the road, heading North of Highway 49. I was surprised by how well I was doing. It was before seven and I was on way. I made good time all the way threw Magee despite some crazy drivers and some rain. Then I got to D'Lo (Yes, that is the towns real name). Here traffic become bumper to bumper. Something you should know about me is I don't handle lines well. I get mad and start yelling. But lucky I brought alot of music with me and rocked out to the Black Keys, Heartless Bastards, some old school rap ,and the occasional traffic/weather report.
I after about 45 minutes of slow bumper to bumper, I arrived in Florence and the one traffic light that was cause the traffic jam. I passed it and took off for my last 10 miles on 49. But I knew better than to take the highway all the way to I-20.
At the right point I turned off and side streeted it to down town Jackson. Having grown up in this city I thought could get up to Madison easier on the back street.
I was wrong!
I got a little lost and ended up in downtown ghetto very near where I was mugged all those years ago. Lucky the street where deserted and zipped threw town till I came to a good on ramp for I-55. I did stop at the Madison county exit to pick up a six pack of beer and then drove into the wilds of the county. Arrived home to find my parents watching "Non-stop continous cover of Hurricane Katrina". The word
Camille has gotten used alot. So I am now sitting about 160 miles inland and they are still talkin about 66 mph winds with gusts up to 80-85 mph.
Here is hoping that everyone is okay and that this storm is just over hyped media.
Yeah! I don't believe it, but its a nice thought.


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