Friday, August 05, 2005

Well if you have a good internet connection and have your speakers turned up you will have notice the rock music. This is because of a new website I have been visiting this week. I have know about this website for some time, but it hasn't been till lately that I have started visiting it. This is a website that unsigned bands can upload their music and have people listen to them for free. The cool thing is all the different types of music on it. While most every song that is playing on my blog right now I would listed as rock of some type(Alternative, Progressive, Modern, Blues, Indie, etc, etc. Think we got enough sub genres?), there are all kind of music on here. From Acoustic, to Comedy, to Hip-Hop, to Spoken Word, to Techno. A little something for everyone. This site lets bands get national and international exposure and helps to promote their work with band bios, CD sales, and upcoming gigs.
Its just a fun site to poke around listen to some music and maybe find an new up and coming band in your hometown. Because all musical acts had to start somewhere.


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