Tuesday, April 04, 2006

NO HCB This Week!!!!

Yep, We blew out the transmisson tubes. So I got no radio show this week, very sad. Anyway this leds me to have to time for me. Me Time! Me Time? Me Time!?!
I so rarely have time for my self I don't know what to do with my self.
So I grabbed a few CDs from the radio station.
I got the soon to be released new album from Drive By Truckers. And it is excellent! This DBT, but moving away from the Lynard Skynard sound. Reminds me of old Wilco.
The other CD I got was the new Legendary Shack Shakers. I got to admit being some what disappointed. Given how louding and rocking their live show, its just hard to get that on a studio produced album. It just feels produced.
I guess I can just sit back and play some guitar tonight


Blogger baldman76 said...

See, now you had extra time to play with the Footloose-dancing-pipe-cleaner-man!!

8:02 PM  

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