Friday, March 17, 2006

Doctor Who

Some Geeks love there Star ships named Enterprise, some Geeks want a Battle Star, and some geeks want a X-Wing. But not me. Nope, this geek would love to have a TARDIS.TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It a time machine that, The Doctor (The title character from the long running British Sci fi series Doctor Who travels around in) travels around in on his adventures. I use to come home from playing soccer and watch Doctor Who on PBS. I loved it, it was fun. The Doctor used his brain to fight the evils of the universe, not some lasers. Plus he had a robot for a dog, K-9
Looking back now I see how cheesy the show was but that doesn't lessen my love for it. Much in the same way I still love the Godzilla movies that have a man in a rubber suit.
But the show did more, it opened my mind to new ideas, like tesseracts and paradoxs. Not the average thoughts of your average eight year old. While I will never be a rocket scientist, I got to thank the Doctor, for helping make the kid in me a Sci-Fi geek. Which I see as, not a good thing, but a great thing.
Why have I brought this up after all this years, Well the BBC, restarted Docter Who in the Spring of 2005 (its 27th season, I do believe) and those episode will premiere tonight on the Sci-Fi channel.


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