Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Sweet Hammond

So I have been living in Hammond, Louisiana for over a week now. And the one thing I can tell you is, IT'S HOT!!! Not that this is really a surprise, but it is boiling hot down here. Hotter then back in Mississippi. In reality it is only 92 degrees but the humidity here is 100% all the time.
I guess I could bore you with stories about the last few months. I could tell you that I was freaked out by the fact that there where no black folks in Fort Payne, Alabama. Or that the town is the home of the country singing group Alabama. Which is weird because as I got off the interstate there is a sign that only says "Alabama Fan Club and Museum". My first thought was that alot of states have museums, but fan clubs?
I could tell you that I meet alot of nice, if not some what cliche, people. I meet way to many white trash, 17 year old, three time baby mommies, etc. etc. I could tell you about white knuckle driving threw tornado infested thunder storm on Easter night. Or how the walls at my friends new place in the Garden District of New Orleans sweats in the morning. I could tell you how loading and unloading a moving truck sucks in the summer sun. I could tell you how I discovered, to my horror, that my little house doesn't have a working shower. Or how lonely it is in a new town, when you literally don't know anybody in it.
But, seriously why would want to hear all that piss and moan, whine shit! This is a new start, in a new place. With almost no ties to the past few years. I got some ideas about the future and till then I am going to be working hard to make the best of this place. And what will be, will be, if I make it that way....



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