Friday, February 27, 2009

In a Holding Pattern

GGGGGGgggggggrrrrrrr...........I got so much stuff I could be writing about but I just can't stay focus enough to do it.

On the job front, I quiet the sporting good store so i could focus on getting a "real" job. Or at least one that pays better. Its funny because my last day was Sunday and not two hours after quieting Dick's, I got a call from a guy opening a Corner Bakery in Jackson. I went on an interviewed with the owner Monday and I have a follow up interview tomorrow with one of the company directors. On the other side, I passed my drug test and we are just waiting on my background check with the Cattle Co. I could start training with them next week in Alabama. Now if Bakery gives me a competitive offer in salary and benefits and they also want me to start ASAP. So if both jobs start soon, and have equal(more or less) pay and benefits. Which do I take?

The basic difference seem to come down to where I want to live. The steak house job will require me to move to Hammond, LA. I must admit a bit of excitement about living in Louisiana. Hammond is about half way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It would be nice to be closer to some good rock shows, but not having to live in those town themselves. And I do have friends in NOLA. But if I took the bakery job, I won't have to move. I won't have to deal with the problems of finding a new place to live and setting up a life. Plus, my family and Amanda is here. It is only a three hour drive, but still.... Leaving would probably mean the end with me and Amanda. But is a relationship with a person, really a relationship if you only see them once ever few weeks? I know her life is complicated, but is that fair to me? Can I put my whole life on hold, for a woman I am very attached to, but rarely see?

I find it strange in this hard economic times that I left one job to weight the options of take two others. Hell with my luck I probably will not get either! So basically I'm in a holding pattern waiting on the big wheels of industry to move into the proper places.

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