Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Continuing Adventures in Not-So-Unemployement

Okay, so I have a job!

I am in charge of Team Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, etc) at Dick's Sporting Goods. Its not a great job and I really don't know what I am doing there. But at least it its a job.

I am still looking for something else. I got a call from The Cattle Company about coming to work for them. I was suppose to go to work at their Hammond, Louisiana store, but a corporate change caused it to be franchised out. Now it is possible that I might still work at the Hammond store, working for the franchisee, or go to work for the corporate store in Tupelo. So that is at least good.

Then in a weird little twist, the new owner/operator of the Basil's in Belhaven (the place I was suppose to take over last fall) talked to me yesterday about coming and helping run the restaurant. Of course we talked about this over a few beers and some shots, so who knows if that might ever really happen.



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