Saturday, March 07, 2009

And so....

So, it seems that my decision has been made for me. The Corner Bakery doesn't seem to be able to get their shit together. They said they would call with their offer on Thursday. I finally heard from them Friday, telling me I they would have it on Monday. The problem is Monday is my travel day for the Cattle Company. I start training with them on Tuesday. So useless there is a radical shift in the next two days, I will be training in Fort Payne, Alabama for 8 week and then moving to Hammond, Louisiana. Of course these means packing up and moving. Which is a huge pain in the ass! HUGE!!!

I am suppose to be cleaning and packing up my apartment right now. But I just don't have the focus. I has been so beautiful the last few days. Highs right a 70 lows right at 50, blue skies, light breezes. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Its the type of day that you turn the AC off and just cool the place by opening doors and turning on fans . Maybe having a cool drink while sitting in the yard. Spring is definitely on the way (which reminds me day light saving times starts tonight). Traveling and Road Tripping weather!

The weather is so nice I shot down to Hattiesburg to rock out with my friends down there. The The Juke Joint Duo rocked the Thirsty Hippo. The great thing about friends is they know what to say to make you have a good time, even when they are fighting against our better nature! I should have been home packing but I needed to get out of my head and have some fun! In my opinion, there are few things better in life than drinking some beers, listening to a good band and dancing with some beautiful women.

While I can't stand just cleaning and packing, I am excite to get on to the next phase of my life. I got some regrets about leaving Jackson. But I think I have done everything I would do in this place. I just got one last bridge to burn here and then I can get out free and clear.

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Blogger Erica said...

Congrats, Ian!
I love new beginnings and this one sounds great! I am sending you lots of good vibes and love.


9:14 PM  

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