Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy Idea for the Day

I want to sue MTV for the rights to the name "Music Television". The way I figure it, its false advertising to say that you are "Music Television" and then not play music on your station. At least back when they had TRL they could point out a regular time that music was played. But now, all they seem to run in Real World-True Life-City of the Hills-Jackass-wannabe- stuff. I want to take Music Television back to the old days. I would start the day with a heavy metal show (ala Head Bangers Ball), then mix up the mid-day stuff between, hip hop (YO! MTV raps), Smooth R&B, some country (real country, not Nashville country). The afternoon show would be the top twenty videos(of the day, or maybe a theme for the day). The at 6pm run music news for an hour. Then at 7pm have a music themed movie (ex. Ray, Walk the Line, La Bamba, Sid and Nancy, Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan, Rock n Roll High School, Blues Brothers, Coal Miners Daughter, August Rush, Almost Famous, American Hardcore, End of the Century, etc.), any movie that had music as its central theme. After the movie have Alternative Music show, that would showcase indie rock videos, home made submissions, and live performance from around the nation. And for the late night stuff would be a random selection of videos that are picked from every style of music. You might have a classic Hank Williams follow a Missy Elliot which follows Sonic Youth. And when festival season is around, the whole network would up and move to the festival for the live shows.
The current MTV could become Culture Television or Almost Reality TV or some other crap like that! So if you know a enterprising young lawyer, who wants to help be sue for the name let me know.



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