Monday, August 01, 2005

Ride the Blinds

So Mike Strokes and I are yelling at each other from about six inches apart, when Mike says "The best southern blues rock bands come of Californa!" I laughed at this but it was hard to argue that with him. Because we both where rockin out to this great band. This band was definitely good. They definitely have what I like to call that "Punk Rock Blues" sound. You may ask, "What are Punk Rock Blues?" Well I am here to tell you, Punk Rock Blues are a style of music that takes traditional blues music Delta, Chicago, etc and adds that Punk Rock attiude of not giving a fuck. This blend leads to a strange mix of musical sounds. You can hear it in alot of garage rock right now. From The White Strips, The Black Keys, to R.L. Burnside, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and The North Mississippi Allstars. What is most strange about these bands is the type of fans they attract. You get old school punk rockers like Jamie, who is fresh out of another failed rehab attempt; Neo-Hippie Jam Band Kids, Y'alter-country folks like David Suggs, who I am glad to say is staying out of jail; WUSM General Manager Mik, who is the Godfather of Hippisters in this town, and true blues lovers like Lou and myself. And of course its fun to dance, drink, and party to. I sometimes wonder how groups like Ride that Blinds, Runner and the Thermodynamic, The Legendary Shack Shakers, etc end up here. But then I remember I know Mik and I realize that is a stupid question.
It is strange to think that this little town in south Mississippi maybe the furthest outpost of cool, but its still cool.


Blogger travelincaroline said...

i love hearing you talk about this stuff. not becaus i actually have anything to contribute to such a conversation, mind you, but because it's comfortable.

it's you in your element, and i miss my friends. it's that simple. :)

remember that cd you made me a while back? the one with the me first version of sweet caroline, weezer, hallelujah, etc? maybe it took me a while to really appreciate it, but i thought you should know that it has become one of my absolute favorite albums. i listen to it all the time. there might be a punk rocker in me hiding somewhere beneath surface...

take care, spaz. pe curand.

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