Friday, February 10, 2012

Best of Jackson Party 2012

So, Back on the 29th of January, Mary a.k.a. Fishie and I got cleaned up and went to a party. The Best of Jackson party to be exact. We got in because I got good showing as Best/Worst Curmudgeon in Jackson. What I can I say, my crankiness proceeds me.
Still a fun time was had by all. We got to see alot of people, eat alot of good/free food and drink alot(probably to much). Sadly (or maybe not) this maybe the only photographic evidence that Fishie and I were there.

Fishie accepted the award for our favorite bar, Fenians

This is a photo of me getting ready. I have to get approval from Fishie before we go out. So I phote and email my look to her.

More Pictures & Videos from the Party at:
JFP Gallery
Scene Around Jackson as run by Sexy Black Man Pat
Best of Jackson (FOX40)
Best of Jackson (WLBT)



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