Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So, what are you doing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Soooo, if you have been watching The Walking Dead, & if you haven't you should be, it is almost inevitable to to start thinking or talking about what you would do during the robot vampire zombie Nazi apocalypse (If nothing else, its a fun mental exercise).
So I thought I would share with you (the almost no one how reads this) what my plan is.

First, be prepared!
1. Exercise. The first rule in Zombieland was cardio for a reason.
2. Be prepared to move.
3. Travel light and know where you are going.
4. Groups are good, but only if everyone is of a similar mindset and manageable size.
5. Have strong, tear resistant clothing that cover a lot of your body. A good pair of running shoes(see #1) for open spaces, road ways, fields, anywhere with a long line of sight; and a good set of heavy boots for close quarter stuff like woods and cities. You never know when you will have to kick a zombie.

Weapons, my set of post-zombie apocalypse weapons would be.
1. .38 pistol, for close quarter head shot (Remember to always aim for the head!)
2. Steyr TMP sub machine gun pistol. For more crowd control/large groups. Again always aim for the head.
3. Precision-rifle with scope for long range head shots
4. As many bullets for above guns that I can fit in a backpack.
5. A throwing knife
6. A hunting knife
7. A sword or ax, cause they don't run out of bullets
8. Sharping stone for edged weapons

Misc. Equipment:
1. Sub zero sleeping bag and tent
2. Matches and a magnifying glass for starting fires
3. Water purifying tablets

My plan:
Steal a big truck with a 60+ gallon tank and get to the coast. Then steal one of those large sailboats and put out to sea. Zombie lore is pretty unclear about zombies reaction to water. They can either float or walk on the bottom (They don't breath), but can't really swim. From the boat, I can make raids on coastal towns for supplies and I can always fish while I am out to sea. I might be able to find a small island with no zombies and do some farming. Hopefully I would have a group or can find other survivors, to start a colony on these island. At this point it should just be a matter of waiting for the zombies to die off. They are still dead bodies, they should rot away in a after a few months after the outbreak.

For more helpful hints and suggestion go to the CDC zombie page, link in the title, and yes it is a real CDC page. There are also many, website, book, and films to give you ideas...like this one

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