Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So, what are you doing with the last year of your life

So, in some peoples theory we have only one more year to live.
According to the Mayan calender the world will end on December 21, 2011.
I am the first to acknowledge that the world is a pretty fucked up place, right now.
We have massive natural & ecological disasters; Social upheaval and political revolution all around the world; and the continued rise of virus and disease that could and maybe should wipe out the human population. There are those that will say Obama administration is that start of the Anti-Christ (to which I point and laugh, BWAHAHAHA).

Basically people are freaking out over the end of the world because of the shitty state of our world. Well I hate to say it, but we only have ourselves to blame for the state of the world. Anyway, worrying about the end of the world is kinda useless.

If it is truly the biblical end of the world then is nothing you can do to stop it. Just live the best life you can and make peace with our God. If you don't believe it is an Apocalypse of biblical proportions, first you should look up what that word really means, and then just be prepared (See my Zombie Apocalypse post for example). That would just be the fall of human civilization.

Whatever your belief about 12/21/2012, I pose you this question. If you had only one year of life left, what would you do? Would you strive to do better, to make the world the best possible place you could? Or would you go out and do whatever you wanted, to make yourself happy because you know there will be little consequence for your actions?

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