Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time vs Money

Is it better to have a job that you make a lot of money, but are working more hours & are stressed out. Or to work a job for less pay but have more free time & have less stress? While I like my current job okay, it isn't a dream career or anything.
In my current job I have regular hours, little stress, but I do it for very little pay.
I have been contacted with a opportunity to take a job back in the restaurant business for double what I make now. The problem with restaurant jobs is they are mainly night and weekend work. Plus it is a job on your feet 8 to 10 hours a day.
But, I am losing money to working at my current job. I am so broke most of the time that when I do have free time I can't afford to do anything. Or I worry about how I will pay my bills.
So I am back to my question, my free time verse financial security?
I don't lead a exciting life. I don't need ALOT of money, but I do want to buy a house and don't want to freak out everytime an unexpected bill shows up.
I don't know......


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