Monday, December 22, 2008

Bah-Humbug!...or....Blues for Christmas

I'm just not feeling Christmas this year. I can understand why the suicide rate jumps at this time of year. Don't freak out, I'm not killing myself. When society dictates that you be all shiny and happy this time of year, I can understand how people who are not all shiny and happy this time of year can see suicide as a way out. Its stupid, but understandable.

I don't know...Christmas cheer just is not real to me.

I get the "Reason for the Season" part of this holiday.I was raise a good little Christian boy. All the basic tennents of my faith are still there, even if I am a bit lapsed in my attendance of church. But to me religion is a quiet thing, to contemplate and reflect on. So this time of year becomes about contemplation and reflection. To look to the past and see the good and bad you have done, and to look to the future for what it will hold.

So there for I just don't get into the "Christmas Cheer" part of the holiday. Maybe because I don't have girlfriend/wife and kids? Could it be that I don't get into Christmas because I'm not social? I don't really have alot of friends and the ones I got are spread out all over the country so I don't see or hear from them much. Of course there is my family, but we are all doing our own things.

So is my just not being into the whole Christmas parties and singing songs of "good tidings" that everyone else seems so be into a problem? Who knows, maybe everyone feels like me, and the whole christmas cheer thing is a scam. I know it probably isn't, but....

Anyway I thought share some Christmas music of different type. What you thought I would put "Blues for Christmas" in title without from music in the post. Like a kid at Christmas i love my new toy. So here is some non-traditional Christmas music, from the joyous to the sad, the sublime to the asinine. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Baby
Blues for Christmas
Santa Claus, Santa Claus
Santa Don't Let Me Down
Sam's Christmas Blues
Christmas Blues
Christmas Time
O Tannenbaum
Silent Night
O Holy Night

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