Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So...What You Reading.....Comic Book Edition

So I rarely talk about my addiction to comic books, but I do luv'm, do read'm and so I thought I would share what comic books I am reading right now.


Probably the best superhero comic out today. Blending the everyman appeal of Spiderman with the fantastical elements of Superman and you have the title characters world. Invincible is a character who is trying to live up to or live down his father legacy. Yep, its a superhero comic, but a father and son story. Plus, sense it is creator owned, it has real change in it. Because of sharp writing and art this is my favorite comic book.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten

I have to admit a bias. I love Doctor Who. I was a fan of the classic series growing up. It was so cheesy, but in all the right way. And the new series has done nothing to lessen my love. We have finally reach a point that the special effects for the show can match the ideas that are being written about. The only real problem with the new series is how little it address the classic one. But along comes this story, taking the current Doctor, the 10th version, and literally making him remember stories of his past selves. The creators of this book are even clever in how they present the memories because the 1st and 2nd Doctor stories are in Black and White, because the classic series pre dated color TV. You don't have to be a fan of the classic series to "get" this title, but it helps.

Flash Gordon

For the last few years, I have been thinking there should be a new Flash Gordon(I'm working hard to forget that horrible TV show on last year).As much as I like the 1980 Flash Gordon movie, it doesn't hold up well now. Yeah it is still fun and has alot of tongue in check humor, but it lost most of what made the original comic strips by Alex Raymond and the original movie serials fun. All the old takes on these stories are dated now. So what do you do, you take it and strip it down the the core concept and rebuild it for the 21st century. It is nice to see that I am not the only one who thought that. While this take on the characters isn't flawless,it works. Flash himself is still an ex-Olympic, but now his is also a failed CIA agent and history teacher at Yale. Dale Arden is no longer a damsel in distress, she is a CIA agent who saves Flash as often as Flash saves her. They both start the series looking for Dr. Hans Zarkov, who is still the independent scientist trying to save the world, but is framed as a terrorist be Black Ops CIA agents. This is of course the set up to get them to Mongo, where they are meeting modern takes on the classic character.

The Goon

Pretty much take everything you like about Pulp Fiction Stories, Strong Guys, funny sidekicks, hot women, crime, gang wars, black magic, zombies, werewolves, gun slinging, etc, etc, and throw it in of boiling hot swamp water and sewage and you might get something as outrageously funny to read as The Goon. This is a book with no socially redeemable valve. It is wild fun and outrageous moments for the sake of wild fun and outragous moments. Be the way, did I mention I really like this book.

Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corp

Space cops that have a billion year old mythology that is coming home to roost on them. Hopefully The Blackest Night storyline that will take place next year will be the best story either of the Big 2 put out next year. And with Sci-Fi space cops, super zombies and universally destruction this story should rock!!!
Based on the idea that emotions have corresponding color in ROYGBIV, the writer Johns has created an idea that is pretty original and very exciting. See below for an example....



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